Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Antique Whites

Welcome to January! It really feels like a new beginning this year. I'm trying all new things - all the time. Here's a new thing: a giveaway for a color description.
Our January collection is all about the early whites - the whites of long ago. Lately I have been doing some deep digging with old vendors and I keep seeing lot's of old white - feathers, flowers, beads....the overlooked color? So often when white pieces have been stored for 50 plus years, they turn this very subtle shade of white - that's the color I am going for here - not a cream, not a sand, but an antique white. Dusty white? Anyway - maybe someone out there can explain the color. We'll choose one or two lucky comments on Saturday, January 10th. If you've never made one of our charm kits before - breath easy - everything is included in the kit - you just need a pair of pliers and some strong glue, I'll include a guidebook also. Bonne Chance!


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The Joy of Nesting said...

Good Morning Kaari!!

Don't you find it interesting that 201 of us know exactly, can see in their mind's eye the same color. But each one of us see the color in different words, based on our experiences, environment, emotions, memories and finally our own uniqueness!! :)

So to me the color is: Lived in White, or worn white. The white that comes only with a well lived life:)

Pattie ;)
Maztlan Mexico

Jynger said...

What about . . .

sun-kissed linen
snowflake dreams

The bracelet is beautiful . . . it looks cozy, comfortable, fresh and clean!

kathy garrison said...

They look like Battenberg lace white. The color reminds me of old lace doilies that color slightly with age.

It's a beautiful collection!

Kathy G.

Cat Allman said...

Frankly, I love Antique Whites, but some alternatives might be:

Memories of White

or Memory Whites

Shadow Whites (There used to be a vintage clothing store in the San Francisco Bay Area called "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" that specialized in white clothing, old wedding dresses, and linens - such an evocative name!

Vintage Whites

Linen Cupboard White

Grandpa's Handkerchief

Face Cream Whites

Powder Whites

Cake Flour Whites

Another fun contest - Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The old whites are so peaceful,
and calming. Lilly of the Valley
reminds me of peace.
I love your blog.

Karen said...

Vintage White or Antique white seems to fit so nicely, and brings to mind an old treasure found in your grandmother's attic.

Luke and Hailie Girl said...

Looking at it I think Aspen White fits nicely...

meg said...

Ah, lovely.

feather white

talia said...

to me, it looks like:

white witch
wavecrest white
aylesbury duck
snowy owl white
piano key white
white magic
white lies

chillies and chocolate said...

If these haven't already been suggested:

Parched white
Ancient white
Teabag white
Driftwood white
Fossil white

Beautiful bracelet.

Nicole (nicdec@hotmail.com) said...

LOVE the braclet! Gorgeous! Here are my ideas:

White Alabaster
Whimsical White
Weathering White

Gabriela said...

Hello Kaari,

Well, it seems to be that I am adding my name here just in time!

~ Gabriela ~

Jane Winkler said...

Creative folks...this beautiful bracelet clearly inspires!! For me, it brings to mind the unique angle and color of light in the very early morning.

How about:

Aurore d'Hiver (Dawn of Winter)

Thanks for the opportunity!

-Jane (elphaba30@yahoo.com)

MlleCirca said...

I too love antique whites, old vintage hats, carved lucite earrings.. And I know that color very well,its as if whites are baked over time and become slightly toasted.

So here is my list:

Edelweiss (German: "noble white"
dandelion clock
waxen flora
coffee ring
mushroom's underside
"wind in the wheat" -The Little Prince

Anonymous said...

What about just "Yesterday"

Autumn said...

Doille white
Porcelain white
Winter pass white

Megs said...

Gorgeous jewelry. How about dandelion white or whisper white?

DJ Norton said...

Loved your book on making jewely. The name escapes me now because my brain is busy thinking of white colors...vintage vanilla. Love the bracelet!

Deb said...

I suggest Driven Snow.

cordeliasbs said...

au lait -- which is french for milk, which I think goes very nicely with the french-y charms. I really like the sound of "Couchon du lait," but that means "pig in milk," and is probably not the marketing you're going for.

Setting Superstar said...

Wisp Stalk/Will-o-Wisp
Fog Cap
Lady's Smock
Elf's Brow
Spider Silk
Frosted Marble
Fairy's Milk
Cairn Bolete (another Oblivion game ingredient)

and just for good measure...


Lusi said...

I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet but how about:

Whisper (White)

uglyascyn said...

White Cliffs Of Dover

meleen dupré said...


just thinking i'd add:

white wren


trina said...

It's a beautiful bracelet/jewelry line. How about one of my favourite plants: artemesia blanche
I just found your blog last week and have enjoyed reading back-posts. Keep it up!

Brenda said...

I say “let’s keep it simple”… Delicate White, Fine White, Delicate Aged White, or Fine Aged White

Crystal Cave Creations said...

When I looked at the photo I thought..."Winter Wheat"...don't you if you like that or not...

Deborah said...

I like antique white or vintage white
and I love that bracelet!

Tom said...

Here are a few ideas:

Frosted Glass
Winter Kiss
Widow's White
Milk Glass
First Snow
Snow Lilly

What lovely things you have in your store! --Leiza

Misty Fowler said...

I would say:
golden white
brass white
chantilly white
pale white
flapper white

lanyce said...

antique white

dusky winter white.
lunar twilight white
candlelight flicker white.

Anonymous said...

so many suggestions that i don't know how you'll choose. how about- old world ivory, buttercream, or aged linen? good luck! there are so many for you to decide- but i sure would like the bracelet. terry

paperitiikeri said...

Ghost Bride

crystal said...

So many great names your readers came up with!!

Snow Fallen White

City Snow


Anonymous said...


I would go for "vintage winter"


Nerissa Alford said...

blanc crème
Antique Blanc
Millésime Blanc

That bracelet is beautiful! I have your jewelry book & am so glad to have found your blog.
Happy New Year

primdollie said...

I love the bracelet really lovely! I am probably late but was thinking.....China White and Edelweiss thanks for the lovely eye candy!! Hugs Linda

The Doiel Family said...

In keeping with the French theme, how about:

ivoire en soie
ivory silk

tour d'ivoire
ivory tower

A la lueur de la lune
In the light of the moon

clair de lune

Tiffany Teske said...

Hi! Here via Craft Daily.

White Chocolate

I think I am going to go eat now...

Another way to go would also be with the antique nature... these things come to mind for me when I think of the old days...

Lily White
Wedding White
Glory White

Jennifer McIntyre said...

Kaari Marie - I have used your charm kits many times and this one looks divine - how about "la creme francaise". Can't wait to see the results!

Anonymous said...

ohhh fab bracelet, How about

Alabaster maiden,
Muslin glow
Marie antoinette white {because it makes me think of versaille winter balls }
oooh actually
versaille winter

Fingers and other apendages crossed

Barbara at herbysoap@yahoo.co.uk

Linda B said...

This bracelet is as beautiful as a song - how about "Moonlight Serenade"?

craftysw said...

I've not read all the comments, so I hope this isn't a repeat. How about:
snow angel
blanc neige
creme fraiche
whipped cream

I have your jewelry book & was so pleased to find the blog. What a treat!

French Vanilla said...

I think I may be too late for the give-away but I would describe the color as French Vanilla (BTW the name of my business!). peg

Tina said...

This piece brings back memories of late night blizzards. Now as a historian I love to find such pieces @ shops. I would title it 'Memories of White'. Tina

Jenny said...

here are mine:

bona fide bisque
sands of time
maison blanche
Grecian ivory
ivory lace
aesthetic pearl
Modest pearl
cultured pearl
enchanted ivory

when i first saw the bracelet, i thought of my great grandmother. It was the exact shade of her face powder that had that soft elagance smell that i can still close my eyes and go back as if i am right there sitting on the stool watching her dust her face with it. The aroma would fill the air much as the loose powder did. It is one of the most prized memories of her!

i would love to be entered!

Jennifer said...

au lait

creme fraiche


carolien said...

Some of these whites remind me of wet moonstones on the beach. White with a blueish glow. They show up particularly well at dusk.
So how about Dusk White.

LucyLuxx said...

I immediately thought "vintage white". Maybe someone already suggested it but you have over 200 comments...I didn't check.
Beautiful kits! I just found you online! Gorgeous.

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