Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Creative Connection Event

Just back from St Louis and I am already planning my next kit for a big event happening in September in Minneapolis. Jo Packham and Nancy Soriano have teamed up together to plan an inspiring four days for creative women to gather and do what they do best. Besides wonderful workshops, Jo and Nancy have planned entrepreneurial panels, a handmade market, and one on one and small group discussions with innovative people working all aspects of this great big craft world.
Planning a project for a teaching event usually puts me over the edge - I want to bring so many elements into a kit - but I realize that I only have 2-3 hours to introduce the project, walk through the techniques and keep my finger's crossed that everyone finishes the project. After I have settled on one idea, I start to think about color, texture and materials. Using my old stock comes in handy - I usually end up making 100 kits of each design.
I'm teaching two classes at the event - a Bohemian Charm Necklace Kit and a Petite Gypsy Heart. The necklace kit is a great basic jewelry workshop - with lot's of looping and charm making. The Gypsy Heart is a jewelry inspired workshop with a small cushion that is pinned with all sorts of jewels and charms - the kit will make over 4 pieces of jewelry. I am really wrapped up in the Gypsy mode wight now - small amulets and trinkets, good luck charms and talisman's - the idea that everything had to be moveable at a moments notice. I imagine the caravans all had these small bits hanging from the gilded ceilings.
Hope you can make it out to Minneapolis to take a couple of workshops - there are over 30 classes being taught at the Creative Connection Event - in every sort of medium! See you in September!


Kateyed said...

I was in both of your classes at Silver Bella (I was the only woman hopping in and out of a wheelchair) and loved it. I still get all kinds of compliments on my jewelry.

I just wanted to say that I live in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis is a wonderful city...full of culture, great art, great theater, full of lakes, great eating, quite safe and so livable...except in the winter! I am sure everyone coming will love it.

Unfortunately I am going to be in Croatia. mu exchange student son is getting married. I wouldn't miss that for the world but I am so sad it is at the same time.


Anonymous said...


I love the thought of a moving caravan as you describe it. I plan on listening to the Gypsy Kings when I put my gypsy kit together. Wish I could join you; it would be gypsy heaven. Have a creative, crazy time.


molly said...

dude! you're a gypsy hippie! HA!

Anonymous said...

As always, I covet this kit! When are you going to start selling all of your amazing kits to those of us who can't travel? I'll take four please!!

Margaret Cambell, PA