Friday, August 15, 2008

Textile Printing

We're starting a new project this month - and I am over the moon about it! After all of these years of collecting, buying (even hoarding!) old fabric - we are being given the opportunity to design our own collection of textiles.
Moda, a multi-line fabric, notions and finished product manufacturer, has been printing fabric since 1975, and has a roster or creative designers working with them.
Moda didn't actually say, the skies the limit, but in my mind...the skies the limit! I have been having fun pulling out all sorts of old fragments of early 18th century red florals and tickings that I have collected over the years from my friend Elizabeth Baer in Bath. I have a scrap off of an old French boutis that I am trying to stitch together in order to save the fantasy flowers.
And then there are the birds. Over the years, I have searched out all of the early botanical, tropical and aviary indienne prints I could find. These prints were popular during Queen Eugenia's reign when she had a love of everything from insects to arbors. The collection will have lots of shades of red and be grounded with beautiful indigos and browns - and hopefully will be classic in design but contemporary enough for our living spaces today.
Our collection will be available in 2009 at fabric and craft stores worldwide - as well as Stay tuned!


Jackie said...

Oh My!! I CAN'T wait!!!

debi said...

Congradulations sweetie! Look forward to seeing the beautiful line of fabrics that will all have that wonderful "Kaari" touch!

Kathy said... very exciting! I'm dreaming up all the things I will make from your luscious patterns and prints! Slipcovers for settees, dining chairs, pillows, tablecloths, and on and on....

Sandy said...

As a quilt designer & lover of everything French General anyway, I think I am almost as happy as you are! I love all your vintage fabrics & look forward to adding some French General Moda to my stash & quilts : ) I have a piece of your Joannis Red that I am savoring & saving for just the right project. also, can't wait for your new book to be available. Congrats all around.

kaite said...

HOLY COW!!! i can't wait! i purchase my fabric from moda for making skirts, so i'm BEYOND EXCITED to see your designs! yippee!!!!!!!