Saturday, March 08, 2008

Missing Paris

When we owned French General in New York, Molly and I would take 2 trips to Paris each year and shop the flea markets. We would close up shop and hang this tea towel in the window.
Now that we are living in Los Angeles, flying to Paris twice a year is a luxury! With the euro climbing quickly I have to settle on our one trip each year during the summer. But still - every time April rolls around....I am missing Paris! If you are lucky enough to be in Paris - be sure to go visit Maurice at the end of Rue St. Paul - and send him love from the two sisters from French General! Merci!!


Anonymous said...

am leaving for France in May but only 2 days in Paris. I wil look for Maurice and say hello. Perhaps will start to get creative finally. Thanks for your everything and your front door. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaari--I went to France last year and ever since then I've been missing Paris. What is your favorite marché aux puces?