Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chateau Getaway Deux

We're heading back to France! Join us on our next planned getaway to the South of France - we'll be returning to the wonderful Chateau Dumas for two different weeks during the Summer of 2010. Our weeks are planned with the textile lover in mind - whether it's learning about old millinery flowers or discovering the difference between hemp, nettle and linen.
Along with mastering the art of woad dying and learning the process of textile block printing - we will be enjoying the simple rural life at a splendid country chateau. Fresh market food prepared by a local chef, yoga and the optional massage will be on the menu to create a week that not only nurtures one's well being, but allows time to soak in the pace of la maison de Dumas. Lizzie, chatelaine of Chateau Dumas, and I have created a week of relaxation, exploring and creative fun. We will take a couple of day trips to local villages to visit old factories and brocantes, learn about truffles, wine and cheese, as well as spend peaceful time at the chateau for casual crafting. We have two weeks planned for next summer - hope you can join us on one of them!

Click here for a look at our first Chateau Getaway, and more information on pricing and dates.  And click here for Cathy Mogull's wonderful photographs and day by day diary of our days spent in France - scroll down to France-Day One and read all seven days.
Hope to see you in France next summer!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Velvet Winner

It took me some time draw a winner out of the hat - a whole lot of names to include - thanks! The lucky winner of our sewing accoutrements is Cupcake Studio - which made me think of my favorite...red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Please send me your address and I'll send a box of small sewing accessories off to you - as soon as we get through tomorrow, our first day of being open.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Opening Day

After a much needed, long, summer break, French General will finally be open again - starting Monday, September 21st from 11-4. To celebrate our new neighborhood and workshop, please come join us for an afternoon of vintage crafts. Jody will be teaching a Rouenneries flower class and I will be teaching a Button jewelry class - workshops are free for the day - you just have to reserve your spot at the table. Come learn something new - see an old friend or two and have a glass of cava to celebrate our new location: 
2009 Riverside Drive
Los Angeles, California 90039
If you are planning on crafting at the tables, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and we'll save you a seat.
(How about that new sign? We're hoping to out smart the person who "borrowed" our last one - this time it's painted on the wall so there's no messing around!)
See you Monday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Molly, the Grand Finale

My sister, Molly, has tagged me. Nothing could be more horrible or unthinkable for me - since I don't even like to admit to myself that I write a blog! Instead, I tend to think of this space as a journal or newsletter where I can write about ideas and crafts that are floating around my head. Being tagged means that you have to write about yourself - yikes - not about the business??
So - here goes - 10 things you may or may not know about me - because Molly Meng asked!
1. I love what I do and am thankful everyday
2. I procrastinate as if I were still in college preparing for a test
3. I would rather have dinner with family
4. I have a weakness for good, old red wine
5. and old French ribbon, and beads, and textiles
6. I would move to the South of France tomorrow if my mom and dad would
7. I am moved by color
8. I rescue kitties and puppies when they turn up
9. I sleep better under linen sheets
10. Sofia is my favorite person - ever!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Accoutrement Give Away

Our new line of sewing accoutrements has just come out - thanks to Moda. We designed some of the small essentials needed to keep one organized when sewing. Most of these accessories are easy enough to make on your own out of small scraps of fabric - but just in case you haven't found any extra time lately....I thought we would give away a set. Included are two cloth tape measures - both in small drawstring bags to make them easy for traveling - and, the larger tape has grommets on either end which will let you attach it to your crafting table easily. A fabric roll with pockets for scissors and rotary cutters is made out of our polka dot material and finished with a coral grosgrain ribbon. The small housewife, or sewing kit, is the perfect small book to keep needles, buttons and spare floss. The pin cushion, marked made in 1892, was inspired by an old pin cushion I found years ago in France. Filled with sand, you'll never have to wonder where this pin cushion is- it sits solidly on your work table and holds every pin in the house.
All of our sewing accoutrements are up on our website now and will be available in the new shop - but just for fun, if you are feeling lucky, throw your name into the hat and we will pull out a name at the end of the week. Sew On!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keeper of Scraps

I have hired a woman to come and help me sort through the layers of French General - funny how I have actually accumulated so many scraps of just the right shade of coral, stacks of old photographs, imitation flies, spools of old trim, pressed and dried edelweiss leaves (should I keep going?) - and miraculously I am shedding the layers away. I think the lightbulb went off when Deva made piles - inspiration, document scraps, won't let go of, old paper, Sofia's art, etc. What a concept - organizing piles of stuff. Actually, when Molly and I worked together, she was great at this - the in and out box, the hardware peg board - it was all there. Molly always said "I'm just setting up systems - you have to implement them". I guess that's my problem - I'm not very good at keeping up with the systems!
Anyway - I'm getting there. We open in a week - the countdown has begun.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Are You Feeling Crafty?

Be sure to sign up for the fabulous Home Companion Workshops - being held Thursday, April 29th through Sunday, May 2, 2010 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis Missouri! On-line registration begins today and each workshop is limited to 30 or so people.  So, put yourself out there and think about joining a bunch of very creative folks this Spring for a few fun-filled days of creativity and inspiration. Picture from Linda Solovic's workshop, Pretty Posies.