Friday, August 28, 2015

Cooking with Charlotte!

 We are so excited to have our favorite French Chef, Charlotte, coming to our Art of Craft event in January!  Charlotte has been a professional chef for the past twenty years and studied sauces in Paris for four years.  Charlotte is our personal chef at the chateau, and many people return year after year just for her food!  Charlotte is warm, funny, adventurous, and able to present French cooking in the easiest terms - I have learned to make countless dishes, sauces and deserts from Charlotte over the years - classic recipes using food on hand - nothing fancy! 
At the Art of Craft event in Santa Paula this year, Charlotte will be teaching an all day cooking course including lunch and jarred items to take away and enjoy throughout the winter months.  Charlotte will be using regional food for all of her demonstrations and recipes, including: lemons, oranges, and avocados grown in Santa Paula, herbs grown in Ojai, honey made in Fillmore and vegetables from around the county.
We hope you can join us for this special weekend in Santa Paula - and a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from Chef Charlotte in California!

If you can't make it to Santa Paula this year, but would like a set of  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Art of Craft 2016

We've just announced our upcoming Art of Craft event for January 2016!  Held every year at French General, this year we decided to move our creative event an hour north of Los Angeles to Santa Paula, California!  We are so excited to share this historic town with you - our workshops will take place within a four block area from the historic host hotel, The Glen Tavern Inn.   Spend the day learning to make a hand-stitched heirloom quilt, cooking with our favorite visiting French Chef, Charlotte, block printing on linen and exploring new jewelry techniques!  Our days will be creative and communal - learning from each other as well as from our teachers.  All of the materials will be supplied, all you have to do is show up and be ready to dig in and learn something new!

Sign ups are happening now!

Hope to see you in Santa Paula!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stitching Beauty

We are thrilled to announce our new project with Cosmo Threads!  We've designed four collections of floss palettes - based on the different seasons.  Included with each floss package is a free PDF embroidery sampler that you can copy off, transfer to fabric and stitch.  Or, you can make it easy on yourself and simply order the sampler already printed from our Embroidery Collection.
 Here's a sneak peek at our floss collections, that can be ordered from French General now!
Get Your Stitch On!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Indigo in New York!

Join me for a fun-filled day at the South Street Seaport Museum on Sunday, September 13th for a full day of Shibori and Indigo Dyeing!  We will take time to explore different types of Japanese resist techniques including nui, kumo, itagime and batik - as well as demonstrate simple sashiko stitching.  A fiber kit is provided for you, but you are free to bring your own small bag of natural textiles to play with.  Sign up here - wear your blues - and prepare for magic!

Monday, August 03, 2015

Our told to you by Molly and Kaari


I feel as if I have told the story of how we began French General over and over again...the barn, the shop in New York, the move to California, the books, the's all been this very slow organic growth - the epitome of a home grown business.  Along the way I have worked with some amazing, talented people, including most of my family and friends.  It's been a long, creative trip - one that began with an empty barn and the birth of Sofia (no she wasn't born in the barn!) and my desire to stay at home and raise her.  If you haven't heard our story, or, if you just want to hear it all over again, head on over to Abby Glassenberg's podcast, While She Naps, pour yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!) and listen to Molly and me wax poetic about what we do and why we do what we do!  And I of these days I will have an updated headshot!


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Stitching in Vermont!

Join me for a weekend in Vermont this September 17th- 20th at Meleen and Charlotte's Vermont Getaway!  We will be exploring antique French textiles - looking at old scraps - the small repairs, the natural fibers, the center seams and the printing and weaving  methods.  We will be stitching with 18th and 19th century French textiles, learning how to hand quilt, and making beautiful blocks for a wall hanging or quilt.  For more information on the weekend or to sign up, please visit Charlotte Lyon's blog, or write to Meleen and Charlotte at
This is going to be fun!