Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irish Tales My Mother Told Me

Growing up we were told stories of leprechauns and fairies; served green eggs and ham and always enjoyed a glass of green milk on St. Patrick's Day. Ever since Sofia was born, I have carried on this odd family tradition by getting up early and "turning" her St. Patrick's breakfast green. I still tell her about the time Molly saw a leprechaun at the school and how I am pretty sure I saw the McGinnis twin's dad turn into a leprechaun while gardening one sunny day. Luckily - I think - Sofia doesn't believe in green cows anymore, but I think she still looks for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and hopefully she will see a leprechaun any day now.
Luck of the Irish to you all!


Austin said...

Awesome photo. Now we need the green pig and the green chicken for our eggs and ham!

Anonymous said...

we had SUCH a huge st patty's day at school.
and paula told the kids i came out of the leprechaun hole in the i had to come up with a tale of leprechaun's and tucking my pants into my socks...strange, wonderful, old-timey, irish day.
happy st patty's day, kar.-- mm

Nancy said...

She is lucky to have someone share the magic with her. I have a picture of a leprechaun that I took near Blarney Castle in Ireland. He wasn't there when I took the picture!

paperbird said...

I love it that I am not the only Mom who does the same things I do. The Leprechaun always turns our milk green and leaves us delicious green frosted cinnamon rolls- not before he leaves a note telling the children where he left the bag of gold and also leaving green spots on the Cat!!!!!

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Welp, Kaari, I must admit...I'm still looking for gold at the end of the rainbow, too! I have a money tree, but that just isn't enough. :)

Kateyed said...

That is so funny...keep it up. Those are what make a family!

I was in two of your classes at Silver Bella (I was the one in and out of the wheel chair) and loved them and all I bought and was just playing with the little pieces of your new line today, making little flowers! And here you are at five in the morning!

And, I hear you are going to be in Stillwater, MN! It is a charming town...I think you will love it...and the Twin Cities. i must sign looks like such a fun event!

Susan Reaney

Cuzzin Kathi said...

Where'd you get that photo??? Love it.

Digital camera lenses said...

Great..great... photo! Have a nice day!