Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dust off Your Sewing Machine - We Have a Winner!

Ok - the list keeps growing and it's getting a little overwhelming! I really just want to send out a bit of fabric to everyone - but I know that would be crazy! Moda sent me a box of scraps - and I mean scraps - so I thought I would choose two names for some proper scraps and another two names for the scraps Moda sent me. I think Moda bagged up all of the edging of the fabric they cut for the Maison de Garance quilts they sewed for Quilt Market. So - if you happen to be a lucky winner of the scrap bag - I sure hope you like to do little work - 2x2 patch squares would work perfectly! Here we go....the lucky winners of the proper scraps from French General are Lorrie who is going to gussy up her dining room and Victoria Cullen who is going to cover her walls! The winners of the Moda scrap bags are Marie Pilgrim -I know she will use every scrap to make a tote bag - and Emma who is going to make an antique strippy quilt - perfect! Thanks so much for all of your ideas - they all sound perfect - and I hope some of you send me photos if you do end up sewing out of Maison - I think you will be happy with the new line - I know I am!

If you happen to be one of our lucky winners, please send your address to me:


Lorrie said...

Oh, how exciting to win! I can hardly wait to start sewing!

Lorrie said...

Kaari, I can't find an email address on the blog to send you my address -


Emma said...

I'm so excited to be a winner. Yes, I do love to work with tiny pieces, as did our formothers. How can I send you my address? Thank you for offering the scraps.

Anonymous said...

Congrats winners! Kaari- How can we send you photos of things we've made with FG material? I just finished making panels out of the Rouennerie Red Moda fabric for our French doors and would love to show you how they turned out!
Jennifer S.

MarieP said...

What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much, Kaari! I e-mailed my contact information to the French General e-mail address; I hope that's ok. Thank you again, so much!