Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lucky 13

The Restaurant: The Bazaar at SLS by Jose Andres

The Food:

Sweet potato chips
Yogurt, tamarind, star anise

Modern and traditional

Tortilla de patatas ìnew wayî
Potato foam, egg 63, caramelized onions

Jicama wraps
Mint, basil, pickled ginger, cucumbers and coconut dressing

Organized Caesar
Quail egg, parmesan

Apple and fennel
Manchego cheese, walnuts, Sherry vinegar

Baby beets
Citrus, pistachio, Sherry dressing

Not your everyday Caprese
Cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella

Baby Japanese peaches and kiwi
Greek yogurt and zataar

Brussels sprouts
Lemon purÈe, apricots, grapes, lemon air

Seared persimmons with JamÛn IbÈrico Fermin
Pedro XimÈnez reduction, walnuts
Ottoman carrot fritters
Apricots, pistachio sauce

Watermelon tomato skewers
Pedro XimÈnez reduction, lemon dressing

Jicama wrapped guacamole
Micro cilantro, corn chips

The olives actually exploded in your mouth......and that was just the beginning!

Sofia heard (from Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes) that nobody could get into The Bazaar - it was booked all season. Sofia got on-line, made reservations for Memorial Day and we got in. Last night, John, Sofia, Gracie and I had our minds blown at this totally unique, nitrogen air, foam food-infused, restaurant in Los Angeles. Sofia said the best part of the night was when the waiter come over to the table, pointed at her and said - "She really get's it - I can tell she's the one who's running this night - she loves the food!" And it was true - Sofia was in her element. This morning, the teenager (!) came out to breakfast and said "Mom - it was really all about the experience!" And now I know.


beldengrl said...

i'm so happy you guys had such a great night! i don't think i can talk brian into trying it.

molly said...

ohmygod. she's so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ah...to be so together and worldly at 13!

meleen dupré said...


don't you just love seeing the world through their eyes!!!


AnnaBananna said...

Kaari-you've given "mom readers" hope that our girls will be women worth knowing- and know what's worth doing. Happy belated birthday Sofia- know that your mom is amazing...and we know you will be too!

Anonymous said...

Sofia looks like she's about to enjoy a caviar cone like I once had at the French Laundry! Thanks for sharing what a great time you all had.
Jennifer S.