Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lucky Number 16!

There are sixteen pawns in a chess set and each player in a chess game starts with sixteen pieces.

Sixteen is the amount of waking hours in a day in an "8 hours of sleep" schedule.

There are sixteen ounces in a pound.

Caterpillars have 16 legs.

Sofia is already planning her sweet 16th Birthday Party - and she's 13.

Molly's favorite movie growing up was Sixteen Candles, with Molly Ringwald.

So....Molly randomly chose our 16th comment as our lucky winner.

Congratulations Becky! Please send us your information and your choice of either a stash of Panier de Fleurs fabric or a Panier de Fleurs Bracelet Kit. Merci!

(funny from Savage Chickens)


Funky Kim said...

She's going to love that fabric!

Becky said...

Hi Kaari Marie,
I'm Lucky Number 16! I don't see the button to e-mail you my address. I'd absolutely love the stash of Panier de Fleurs fabric. I'm thrilled to win your fabric!

Is it possible for you to send me your email address so that I can send you my home address?

Many thanks to number 16 and Molly,

Anonymous said...

lucky me, i was born on the 16th november