Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Day of Paper Arts and Crafts

Years ago,  at a dinner party, I met a woman named Joan Bunte.  Joan took me under her wing and has kept me there ever since - pushing me to do more... design paper, teach more, and basically put myself out there...something I avoided for many years.  For the past twenty years, Joan has owned a scrapbooking shop in Claremont, California called Stamp Your Heart Out, where she stocks the shelves with all of the latest and greatest paper supplies, stamps, and creative bits and pieces for people to create with.  Joan also hosts weekly workshops taught by visiting teachers and her fabulous employees.  It is always a good day when I make my way out to Claremont for a day of festivities at Joan's shop.  To coincide with the debut of our new paper arts line with Jolee's Boutique, Joan and her staff are hosting a day of all things French General - crafting, creating, eating and lots of inspiration!  If you live in the Los Angeles area, or might be visiting on Sunday, April 15th - please plan to come out for the day!  Sign ups and information are here.  See you in Claremont!


Ms. Lucie said...

Awwwwww Kaari, why do you have to live so far away!!!!! I would LOVE to be able to join you all. But alas, I cannot. I wish you all the best, and send you greetings from tiny, little Delaware, on the east coast!

Pip said...

Yes, Ms. Lucie,
We would love for Kaari to travel and bring some French Grace to Texas. Kaari, would you consider a traveling French General and come to The Trinity Quilters' Guild of Ft. Worth, to speak on your inspirations and show the fabric lines you have created.?

Anonymous said...

I would love to come to this event! I live in Monrovia and Stamp Your Heart Out is practically in my backyard. Can't wait to meet you!


sharon g said...

I tried to download the sign up form, but nothing happened. I'd love to join you. There is a garden out that way, so we can make a joint trip. Thanks for the info, and I look forward to visiting. sharon gullikson

Rose Brier Studio said...

Oh I wish I could join you! I love claremont (went to college there) and it would be such a treat. I'll think of you from 3,000 miles away!