Monday, October 07, 2013

A Few Vintage Kits....and a New Jewelry Book to Come!

After making jewelry for the past 20 plus years....I am always a bit surprised to find that I am still making jewelry and designing kits with vintage materials.  Walking into some of my favorite warehouses in New York and Los Angeles I am constantly surprised to hear the owner say "And look at what I uncovered last week...thought you might want these early Italian glass cameos"  Um...yes!

I started buying vintage glass beads twenty-five years ago, on a whim, because I liked the colors better than the new beads.  I never imagined that all these years later I would still be buying beads and designing jewelry...I really thought it was a hobby!  But, I guess that's the great thing about hobbies...if they turn into your life are lucky!

One of my very favorite quotes is: Let the beauty of what you love be what you the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi.  I have attempted to follow that quote in my day to day activity and I think it has turned into a wonderful that I am thankful for everyday.

Not only do we have some new limited vintage kits available on our website - in a retro Fall palette - we are also working on our next book....a jewelry book similar to our first book, French-Inspired Jewelry.  Filled with lots of colorful inspiration, this book will cover a year of jewelry making - highlighting all of the French holidays and festivities.

Meanwhile...if you need to learn how to make jewelry, check out the workshops at French General...we are always adding in a monthly jewelry workshop to keep you up to date on different techniques and styles.


Julia said...

Kaari, I just love your style! Both my daughter and I bought your first jewelry book and many of your kits and beads. I'm looking forward to your new book very much.

Anonymous said...

When is the book going to be finished? Can't wait! Love French Inspired Jewelry!