Monday, February 20, 2017

Celebration Sampler Winners!

French General's 20th Anniversary 
Celebration Sampler

Thank you to everyone who participated in our sampler block contest!  We we're overwhelmed by all the beautiful blocks that were submitted and it took us a bit longer than we thought to choose our favorites and design the quilt.  Here is an early picture of what quilt designer Candee Ferris has been working on - as you can see it will be an heirloom quilt filled with all the classic French General fabrics

Following is a list of our 32 block winners - please email your name and full address to and we will send out a pattern and some French General fabric once we have completed the writing of the pattern.

Row 1
Block 1 – richyjr16, Richy Jr
Block 2 – happy_appliquer, Heather Kosbab
Block 3 – penelope_tucker, Penelope Tucker
Block 4 – jean_brad, Jean Lynton
Block 5 – dennielebohannon, Denniele Bohannon
Block 6 – email, Lindy Mundy
Block 7 – ginderellas, Paula
Block 8 – email, Cathy Cook

Row 2
Block 1 – x695, Sarah and email, Julie Kato (blocks were identical)
Block 2 – breezypointquilter, Karen Martin
Block 3 – nancyshamy, Nancy Shamy
Block 4 – nicolajdodd, Nicola
Block 5 – richyjr16, Richy Jr
Block 6 – a_swede_life, Kathy
Block 7 – email, Marilyn Ward
Block 8 – penelope_tucker, Penelope Tucker

Row 3
Block 1 – email, Kate Dorsey
Block 2 – cupacake42, Kimberly Lainson
Block 3 – hildyebertzeder, Hildy Ebertzeder
Block 4 – debigermann, Debi Germann
Block 5 – cupacake42, Kimberly Lainson
Block 6 – email, Barbara Murphy
Block 7 – Tammy Vonderschmitt
Block 8 – dreamon412, Janette Bibby

Row 4
Block 1 – email, Barbara Murphy
Block 2 – jen.barnard, Jen Barnard
Block 3 – yardgrl60, Susan Ache
Block 4 – cifquilter, Candee Ferris
Block 5 – laprn85, Leigh Ann Prange
Block 6 – richyjr16, Richy Jr
Block 7 – casands1, Carolyn Sands
Block 8 – celgrowr


cocoquilts said...

This quilt is lovely!! So fun to watch all of these blocks as they were created by each quilter turn into an amazing quilt!! Looking forward to the seeing this quilt in all of it's beauty!!

Marlynne said...

Lovely! Lovely!

Hennie Schutter-Weening said...

Wow so beautiful, I love your fabric.

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Mickey Mark said...

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