Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sewing Stash Contest Update

Well, after many e-mails and a few pleas, our Sewing Stash Contest has been extended a bit. Instead of sending in your sewing beauty by the end of November....we are hoping that everyone can send in their piece by the end of January. It seems the holidays are creeping up on all of us and a sewing stash contest is getting pushed to the bottom of many lists! For those of you who have already sent your piece in, we will photograph and return before the holidays. For everyone else who was thinking of sending in a small craft sewn out of scraps - please take your time and send in by the end of January! Thanks for participating - so far the entries have been beautiful - I can't wait to see more! Feel free to e-mail me at notions@frenchgeneral.com if you have questions. Bonne Chance!

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