Monday, October 26, 2009

An Old Friend.....

Last week was my birthday - and I was sick - such a bummer to be sick on your birthday! Walking into the shop on my birthday I was greeted with a box from the post office. An old friend that Molly and I had met years ago in New York had sent me a collection of hand-made clay plates stamped with the French General name. We had carried these plates in our New York shop for years - and always loved them. Rae Dunn, a wonderful master of clay - had sent me the leftover plates from almost ten years ago. Sometimes you just need a little shout out from someone who is thinking about you to make it all feel better. Thanks Rae!


gwen said...

Happy birthday, Kaari.
Thank you for being such an inspiration and regularly sharing such lovely things on your blog.

molly said...

that's just awesome.
we must have been on her brain, cuz she left me a message too.
i miss those old days sometimes, don't you?