Tuesday, October 13, 2009

American Pride

It's a rainy day in Los Angeles, I just returned from the Houston Quilt Show, we were open yesterday (a rarity around here) and today I spent the day with two wonderful sisters, Rinne and Lucy. who shot the shop for Selvedge Magazine.
So - finally - it's time to pick a winner of our textiles - Rural Jardin - from Moda. Drumroll please.....it's so hard to pick just one...there were so many good ideas of sewing projects! So out of all the wonderful ideas, and here are just a few...

Austin - summer hat
Cathy - kimono
Richelle - little boy bermudas
Holly - fabric canopy
K. Cotton - mailman style shoulder bag
Wanda - British bunting
Jamie - cushions for a deck at her lake house
Lulie Stout - umbrella cover
Lisa - drawstring bag for the beach
Mrs. Darnell - Christmas banner
Cynthia - vintage patchwork skirt for her daughter
Crystal Burns - laundry basket cover
Rose Brier Studio - beach chair covers

....my favorite has to be Lynda G's idea of a wedding quilt for her son, using the red, white and blue in a nine patch pattern, as a gentle reminder of his army connection. There were so many great ideas of household textiles and quilts - but Lynda's tugged at my heart - because I think of how lucky I am to be doing what I want to do everyday while young kids are out fighting for this country. It is something I think about often, and although I am torn over the cause, I and am grateful for the men and woman oversees. Lynda send me your address and I will send out a box of Rural Jardin - merci!


Anonymous said...

What a lucky a lady, and hooray for her son. She so deserves it..........but secretly I wish it could have been me.....LOL :)

LyndaG said...

I am thrilled -- and will have to start planning... thank you so much. I am certainly proud of my son's commitment to the Army. I will send an email to the address on your web site with my address.

Anonymous said...

Great choice, Kaari! Mom

Cathy said...

Kaari, I would have chosen Lynda too--so much love will go into that quilt!

Deborah said...

Kaari, I was just at your website and do you know there is absolutely no information on where you are located, a phone number or hours open? When I called the number found via google it was a voice mail. I would like to visit your shop, but can't find out when you are open. Thanks, Deb Hunt

Rose Brier Studio said...

Congratulations Lynda. What a wonderful choice, Kaari! I hope we get to see the finished quilt.

Anonymous said...

Great choice Kaari - will be a terrific project. Hoping to make it to the book signing on Nov 1st.

Deb- FG's address, hours, & directions are found at the "contact us" tab in the list on the left side of the home website page. It's a great new location- hope you get a chance to make it there soon!

Jennifer S

Cathy said...

When will the article appear in Selvedge?

Vickie E said...

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at market. I very much appreciate that you signed a book for me and Rachel and Julie. I wish you the best in all your future fabric endeavors. I hope to see you at spring market 2010