Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pam Garrison

This card was sent to me by Pam Garrison. I somehow found her on etsy and ordered some of her cards for my sister Molly Meng. Thanking ME for ordering from her - she sent me this card - which sits on my mantel at home - I love the sentiment. I got to meet Pam in person about a year ago - or so - when she came into the shop with Charlotte Lyons and introduced herself. When I asked her what she did she went out to her car and brought in the most amazing scrapbook I have ever seen. "I kind of doodle and draw" she said. Doodle and draw she does! Pam creates beautiful artwork with a balance of color that is beyond comforting. Just a little shout out to you Pam for all of your help and support - especially these past couple of weeks - see you in Omaha! Read Pam's adventures here.


KarenB said...

Isn't Pam a sweetheart? I met her Sunday at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. She and 3 other bloggers organized a very fun day. There were 20 something of us and we had a blast!

Rachel Carlson said...

what a nice card to get! i recently shouted out on my blog about rouenneries - which i totally ♥ right now - *sigh* - cheers to you!