Saturday, November 21, 2009

Career Switch

For years, all I ever wanted Sofia to be was a botanist. I dreamed we would move to Paris and she would study at some old Royal Jardin Academy. She would discover new types of fiberous plants and develop an undiscovered weave - something as light as linen but as hearty as a hemp. We would discuss colors of leaves and learn the Latin names for the roses - it all sounded right up my alley - and living in Paris suited me just fine.
Last Tuesday, I changed my mind - I have a new ambition for Sofia. Classical Pianist. That's right - I bought a piano and Sofia bought a dress and together I think they make the perfect pairing. Somebody told me I could set my mac on top of the little upright piano and youtube would actually teach Sofia to play - voila! I also asked Sofia if she would consider being a personal assistant since she was able to order a dress online and it fit perfectly. She told me she would have a personal assistant but she would not be one. Oh - maybe she is capable of choosing her own path....after she practices her scales!


Carolyn said...

Oh, how fun--it sounds as if she is trying her wings--and she is backing it up with good thoughts! She will do fine. Maybe she will be like my baby sister who could play anything she heard, while I had to practice and could never play with the emotion she does.

Sharon Stanley said...

What lovely pictures...both. and the dress is divine! How lucky you are to have such a delightful daughter! (Boys are good too though!)

Rachel Carlson said...

and she will make lovely music for you just as you might imagine living in paris would be like.

molly said...

2nd times a charm, sister!

Anonymous said...

I dream of our four year old daughter being an industrial or environmental designer by day and a concert pianist by night! Who knows what the future will bring for these young lovelies... :-)
Jennifer S.

PCovi said...

Someone is reading your archives!
I think this is a precious post :)

Oh how many times I've chosen my kids' career paths...and spouses ;)