Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Creative Habit

I cannot overstate how much a generous spirit contributes to good luck. Look at the luckiest people around you, the ones you envy, the ones who seem to have destiny falling habitually into their laps. If they're anything like the fortunate people I know, they're prepared, they're always working at their craft, they're alert, they involve their friends in their work, and they tend to make others feel lucky to be around them. (Twyla Tharp)

This summer, at the chateau, we were lucky enough to have Anna Corba join us for a week to teach us a workshop about book binding and beeswax - as well as offer morning yoga to anyone who was so inclined. At one point, before the week was up, Anna and I were talking on the patio and she mentioned how lucky she felt to be a part of the week and to have the opportunity to teach at the chateau. I mentioned my new favorite book, The Creative Habit, (recommended to me by Susan Fuquay who publishes American Quilt Retailer) written by Twyla Tharp. The book emphasizes the work habits that lead to success. Habitually creative people are, in E. B. White's words, "prepared to be lucky." I paraphrased Twyla's quote above to Ana and thought it fit her perfectly. Anna's spirit is always positive, generous and uplifting - she's such a calming presence to be around - and we were so lucky to have her join us for our Chateau Getaway this summer - thanks Anna!


Unknown said...

As one of the very lucky people who got to join Kaari on the Chateau Getaway I can truly say that classes with both Kaari and Anna were amazing. I left wanting more and hope to return someday to the beautiful French countryside where you really are treated like a princess. If you are considering this trip go for it...lasting friendships were made with an amazing group of people. Thanks to all.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

After reading your post - I have to get the book - thank you for talking about it. Thank you for sharing about a very special person.

Unknown said...

Hi Kaari,

I have this book and absolutely love it!!! My other quote I use all the time is . . . "success is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity" which is along the same lines!!

Your trips always sound like sooo much fun . . . I so hope to get back to France soon and with a creative group - it would be icing on the cake!!! . . . liz

Anonymous said...

I have taken a couple of Anna's workshops over the years and I have always been impressed with her kindness and creativity, now I will have to take her beeswax class... sounds fascinating!
Thank you for not only inspiring so many of us over the years Kaari, but being so generous with your praise of others. What a great community of craft you have following you.

Santa Fe

Kathy said...

I love Anna Corba, too! Such beautiful souls all you women are...Kaari--you are such an incredible talent I can hardly stand it. While I'm not a crafter per se, I appreciate your boatload of talent and your eye for detail. The retail and creative worlds are so lucky to have you in it!!

Tricia said...

Oh...I love Anna Corba too! I used to own a little boutique and carried a few of the things that she made.

molly said...

Anna Corba, like being with family.

Molly de Vries said...

I have not kept up with you and i am flipping out over here picturing myself in France with you all. I cant even begin to dream of something like this. I am so enjoying being a part of your world through this blog. Where the hell have i been? Love to you, Molly from ambatalia