Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flowers for Japan

For the past eleven days, I have found myself at the kitchen table reading the newspaper and tearing up before I am able to finish yet another article about the tragedy in Japan. I have always had an affinity for Japan and the Japanese people - especially the Japanese artists - who seem to be such a rich part of the Japanese culture. My second job, after working at the museum, was event planning at the New York office of the Japanese advertising company, Dentsu. With my Japanese office mates, I learned to eat sushi, drink saki, fold origami and appreciate simplicity.
Years later, French General was discovered when we were in a little shop on Crosby Street - almost in the middle of nowhere - when Japanese journalists would come in and be in awe of what we were doing. They would go back to Japan and publish beautifully photographed articles saying something flowery about the shop.
Since joining the Moda team a couple of years ago, my fabrics have all been drawn and printed in Japan by a talented group of artists at the fabric mill. So, I am connected to Japan, through friends and experience, even though I have never visited the country.

After talking with some Japanese friends this week, I realized I had to design something that would help raise funds for a family in need. Flowers for Japan is a bracelet kit which features a tribute to the Japanese cherry blossom trees. Every penny of every bracelet kit sold will go towards helping people that have lost almost everything - except their dignity. I hope you agree with me that we can each do something in our own small way - if you choose to purchase the Flowers for Japan Kit - we are doing it together.
To read more and to purchase one of fifty signed bracelet kits - please visit us at


Le bateau rouge said...

Hi Kaari, what a great idea! You are so right and have found a wonderful way to raise money for people who suffer so much. Could you please check the link? It seems that it doesn't work. Thank you and good luck! Alexandra

Christopher Lum said...

hi, i cannot seem to find the information when i go directly to

Kaari Marie said...

Ok - link is fixed! You can find the bracelet on our website in the right hand column.


K Cotton said...

Kaari,Thank you so much for doing this for Japan. Me too, tearing everyday in front of TV watching the news... Not only they lost their loved ones and houses, but they don't have everyday food and water. Kids are starving, old people are getting sick and they don't have enough heat source during the freezing weather.

I'm gathering Japanese crafters together and holding the craft/bake sale in May to raise money to send to Japan.
Together we can do something!


Ulrike F. said...

After the verb 'to love', 'to help' ist the most beautiful verb in the world.
Bertha von Suttner

Thank you Kaari

Ulrike Feldmann

Kick said...

Kaari...It's a beautiful bracelet and a lovely idea....I'm
so proud of you...Mom

Laraine Lord said...

What a lovely bracelet and a beautiful thought. I feel most for the little children who have lost their parents.

Gilding the Lily said...

Kaari: What a lovely expression of caring, and a beautiful design as well. I received your note and the cards are on display at the shop in our class area...hopefully I'll send some students your way, and perhaps our paths will cross someday soon!


Vicki K. said...

Sorry Kaari - I'm still not seeing exactly where the bracelet kit is offered on the website. What am I missing?