Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Number of Blue

800 Feet of Laundry Line
500 Clothes Pins
100 Gloves
45 Blue Aprons
40 Students
20 Garden Sticks
7 Vats
5 Helpers
2 Editors
1 Dye Master

We did it! We sold out of our Woad Workshop to be held this coming Saturday in Elysian Park - praying for clear skies and dry ground, we plan to spend eight hours in the park learning about the medieval plant that has been brought 5,870 miles from the South of France to Los Angeles! Now if we can just try to dye the 14 different shades of blue - we'll have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

This is a chance in a lifetime class! I will be praying that you have a clear and fabulous day, with a woad blue sky!

Julie B.

Anonymous said...

I hope you do this workshop again next year! I am unable to come out to California right now but would love the opportunity to learn about woad from you.

Diane, Santa Fe

danette said...

This was such an amazing day. thank you thank you!

Mykle Parker said...

Dude this was THE BEST!!!!! I'm gonna start hunting for items to do next time! 'Cause there's GOT to be a next time!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you will have a wonderful day if it is just one shade! Wish I were there.

Lynda said...

A wonderful, magical day indeed! I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to turn my hands blue, meet other like-minded women and fall in love with a plant.

Thank you Kaari, Denise, Miriam (sp?) and all the others who helped. The Woad Workshop rocked!!

victoriaanddonald said...

Can I put down my deposit down for next year now?
Counting the minutes and don't want to get left out...
Victoria from Torrance