Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Straight from Woad

I've loved seeing and hearing about all of the amazing creations that have come out of our Woad Workshop - fabulous knitted scarves with wool, upholstered dining room chairs with cotton yardage, baby clothes and pillows with linen!  Denise Young came in today and showed us her newest creations with her tie-dyed woad - a collection of pillows that are perfect for a day bed or sun room.  Denise has made up a handful of these blue beauties out of the linen she woaded.  If you didn't make it to our workshop, this might be the perfect way to own a bit of woad!  For more information write to deniseoon@hotmail.com 
If you're still kicking yourself for missing our event in April, sign ups are now open for our September Woad Workshop - September 24th, 2011.  


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!!!

Tyn said...

I'm a fan of Denise's work- and love these pillows!!!

Katie Conway said...

These are the most beautiful pillows I have every seen! Denise not only puts her creative edge and eye for the perfect fabrics into them but I think they are filled with LOVE! I want to fill my house with them!

Kari~* said...

Katie~*you couldn't have said it better! Denise's pillows have a bit of her in every one..lots of LOVE!!!
and her natural gift of putting the most amazing fabrics together is magical!