Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making Foie Gras

Cooking with the chateau chef, Charlotte, in the kitchen, is not a bad way to spend our first Monday at the chateau. After learning the French technique to preparing a foie gras, we all donned our kitchen gloves and canned a jar. Although foie gras may be a bit squeamish to some, the French have a way of breaking it down into a culinary science - and the end result is pretty fabulous.
Afterwards, Charlotte, led us through a step by step lesson making French moutarde - the real stuff - complete with both yellow and black mustard seeds. Whipped into perfection with an electric whisk and bit of tasting all around the table, the mustard was then jarred for each of us to take home for a small memory of the cooking at the chateau.


Diane L said...

I could do the mustard but not the fois gras. The film on Colleena's link showed how the gees are force fed by a tube down their throats. I might be eating vegetarian for awhile. :-)

Anonymous said...

Geeaaadd! You are there! Love the posts, keep 'em coming.

Wish I were there too.



Unknown said...

Oh, it was soooo delicious that next day and Charlotte was a delightful teacher. Living the French life has been a dream come true!

Katalina said...

The post title is "Making Foie Gras" - for which geese are required. So where are photos of the poor geese?