Saturday, July 02, 2011

Nadette's Lavender Farm

Years ago, when we first discovered St. Antonin's Farmer's Market, I found a woman selling the purest lavender oil I had ever smelled. I bought a bottle of her oil and used it sparingly until I finally eeked the last drop out. I have spent the last six years looking for the woman who sold me the oil - searching markets and and following any lead I could sniff out...but to no avail. Until this past week, when on a tip from Charlotte the chef, we found Nadette - the woman I had met in St. Antonin all those years ago.
Not only did we all get to visit Nadette on her lavender farm and walk through her fields learning about the different types of lavender she grows, we also got to view a demonstration of how she makes her special indigo and lavender soap. As a treat, Nadette gave us each a bar of soap and cut us a bundle of lavender to take home. It was so inspiring to see a woman who literally eat, breaths and sleeps her passion - lavender!


Vicki K. said...

Might you be able to carry some of her oil or soap in your FG store? A good lavender oil hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, love lavender! What a dream to have a whole farm of it.
-Jessica & Holly

Lynda said...

What a dream!