Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Couronne de Fleurs

Antique crowns found in France

I have been collecting old wax flower crowns for a while now, the delicate orange blossom head bands that were made for brides in the late 19th and early 20th century. Often in France, I will find a couronne de fleurs that is still completely intact and displayed under a glass dome for safe keeping.
So of course, I was over the moon when Wendy Addison taught us her own version of a waxed flower crown at the chateau. After dipping old silk and linen flowers in beeswax, we carefully wrapped each stem around the wire crown. Not the craftiest one in the bunch, I worried that my crown wouldn't be up to snuff. What I soon found out was that each and every crown was absolutely stunning - we learned a centuries old technique and made it just a bit better by adding our own twist.


Funky Kim said...

Those all look great! Wendy is a talented lady for sure.

Daisy said...

How beautiful. x

Michelle Rose Jorgensen said...

Yes, "Michelle would have loved that!".