Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Double Trouble Winners!

I loved all of the second time around stories - each one gave me a bit of hope! To choose four winners for our Rouenneries Deux Giveaway, I started with my favorite number: 21, inversed it: 12, added them together: 33, and then multiplied by 3: 99.
Four winners - count 'em out - and then e-mail me your details!
Thanks for playing along - sorry to make you work a bit for fabric - although you might get to read the comments for the second time around!

Photo of the Iron Jaw Kimball Twins, 1920s
Via Lens, the NYT Photo Blog

(Did you get the same winners as me? 21: Lesly in Ontario, 12: Nancy in Wisconsin, 33: Kathleen Grace in Michigan and 99: Leslie Quinn)


Anonymous said...

Lucky Winners

Gill said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
What a great way to choose!!

Nancy in WI said...

I can't believe I am #12!!!! I'm so excited! Congratulations to the other winners!