Friday, November 18, 2011

Creative Work and a Video Workshop

I have been asked to join in on Christy Tomilson's new holiday video workshop, The 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas. I don't know if Christy realized this before asking me, but I have never done a video workshop - and wasn't even really sure what one was. After much digging around on the internet, and asking a couple of friends, I learned that a video workshop is a short demonstration of a technique or craft. Easy - I can do that!
Not so easy - a week later and I was still figuring out a holiday ornament - let alone understanding how to film and edit a short video! The project was the first obstacle - the ornament had to be pretty, and have some new technique, not too religious, but universal, and are red and green too predictable?? I wasn't even sure if I had ever made a holiday ornament before!
Then, just when I needed it, I read this quote, from American Life host, Ira Glass:

Click on image to read the small print - it's important!

And I realized, I couldn't quit - I had to push through the uncomfortable phase, the worrying about the technique - was it too simple? Was it too complicated? And the part where everything was falling apart in front of the camera and JZ and I were arguing about why I couldn't act more serious and just say the opening line without a smirk on my face.
I pushed through - thanks Ira. So it's finished, done, we did it - our first ever on-line video's a whole new world! I guess we all need to be reminded: DO NOT QUIT!

The 12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas
A Five Day Mini Workshop

You will receive your welcome email withing 2-3 business days. The class will officially start on December 5th and you will receive your log-in and official welcome email with class info on the morning of December 5th. You will receive your supply lists in the classroom.

More details:

Each Artist/Teacher will show you how to make a creative handmade ornament or holiday decor using fabric, metal, paint, glass and more - all in fully detailed we will have a some suprise bonus projects as well!
It's a 5 day workshop starting December 5th! Each day for 4 days, 3 new ornaments will be posted by 3 new teachers.. and on day 5...we will feature some bonus projects and downloads, exclusive to the workshop from the different teachers. This workshop will actually be availble for 6 you will have plenty of time to go back and watch videos.
Artists included in the workshop: Donna Downey, Margie Romney Aslette, Jeanne Oliver, Chrissy Gardner, Shea Fragoso & Debbie Murray From the Gilded LIfe, Kaari Meng, Junelle Jacabson, Alisa Burke, Danielle Donaldson and Kelly Barton.


Joan G said...

Hi Kaari, First let me say I enjoy your blog...and your fabric designs. My daughter is a graphic design student and when I read your blog I thought the Ira Glass quote was perfect for her. Is the graphic an image you purchased and where can I find it? Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Amanda says YEAH! I am so excited for your first online workshop! I have waited for French General to do this for a while, you are such an inspiration to my creative life.

becky up the hill said...

This is exciting news~

La Loca said...

I have that quote typed and pasted inside of my planner...I love it.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for that! I am a huge Ira Glass fan, and heard him make say that on This American Life.....only I forgot to remember it. I needed this today. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Super cool Kaari!
Thanks for the Quote, it is very helpful to realize that the angst we go through EVERY time we try something new, will be worth it if we just keep going.
For me, I know its good when a tiny little smile creeps up.



Diane Langness said...

Can't wait to sign up! I will so be looking forward to this.

Danee said...

As someone who took the class and then found our blog- oddly I have been to your website many times but never wandered over to the blog- you did a great job with the video. As someone who doesn't get the chance to travel much (small kids, hubby who travels 1/2 the month for work) and lives in Michigan, this could be great news. It seems that Michigan is the last place my favorite artists ever come to TEACH… Artists like you often come for the Ann Arbor Art fair and/or Art Fest, but that doesn't help me learn new techniques and skills. I need to take classes from teachers that are more than hobbyists, I need to learn from talented artists like you. I am hoping you do more video and online classes…if so, sign me up.