Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sewn Hats Giveaway

A couple of years ago, I was asked to design a hat for a book which is being released this Fall.   Sewn Hats, edited by Carla Crim, and published by Wiley Craft, has everything you need to know about sewing your own hats, including patterns and instructions for 35 hats!  Because I had never sewn a hat before, Carla jumped in,  took the lead and sewed up a French General hat using one of my favorite sun hats as inspiration.  Sewn with old French ticking and a red grosgrain ribbon, the hat looks casual enough to wear to the beach or special enough to wear to an outdoor garden party.

To celebrate the upcoming release of this crafty new book, we have a special signed copy of Sewn Hats to giveaway, courtesy of Wiley Craft, as well as a yard of French General ticking and a some ribbon for trim.  If you are interested, please leave us your name and a comment about the many hats you wear in your life....and we will choose a lucky winner by Sunday, September 9th...before our Moda Blog Hop and another Giveaway begins on Monday, September 10th!
Follow along the blog tour and visit some amazing designers for another chance to win a copy of Sewn Hats:

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ruadhella said...

Lori Reed-

I wear hats mostly in the summer because I am so fair-skinned. Lots of big floppy straw hats and such. In the fall and winter I like to wear cloche hats, beanies, or those round scarves that you can use as a cowl over your head. Anything vintage inspired is my first choice :)Thanks for the chance to win, looks like an amazing book :)

Unknown said...


i wear many hats through out the year,such as my garden hat when im feeling close to the earth, my warm, what i call my michigan hat when the snow flies,or my crazy, dingy,party hat, which saddly doesnt come out much anymore.but i think my favorite hat of all is my mom hat, only i can see it, but it is always there,right where i left it on top of my head.

Bee Haven Bev said...

It's funny, I do wear many hats...but most of them invisible. I wear a wife hat, mother hat, gardener hat, farmer hat, seamstress hat, and the list goes on and on. As for the tangible kind, I have a couple of favorites. I do love to make hats as well and would be thrilled to death to have this book!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love hats and wear a straw hat to work in the summer because I park some distance form my office, all the young people make fun of me . I just ignore it because it sure helped keep the 114 degrees sun off my head.

Then I have black wool hats I wear in the winter plus a few more

I buy vintage hats also


Curtains in My Tree said...

I love hats and wear a straw hat to work in the summer because I park some distance form my office, all the young people make fun of me . I just ignore it because it sure helped keep the 114 degrees sun off my head.

Then I have black wool hats I wear in the winter plus a few more

I buy vintage hats also


Unknown said...

As for metaphorical hats, like most women I know, I wear too many to count. Non-metaphorical hats have been a favorite accessory since I tried to run away from my home in Birmingham Alabama at age five (I had apparently been unhappy about the outcome of an argument with my mom). When I finally decided to come back into the house (from the driveway mind you) my mother sweetly helped me unpack my suitcase. It was chock full of winter stocking caps we moved with us from Minnesota. Winter hats are still my favorites but I love them all.

Judith said...

I wear hats while out photographing in the warm weather, out around cleaning the yards and sometime just to wear, but nothing like the hats in the book. Beautiful patterns and the fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Judith, Texas

Maria Kievit said...

Love this book, has a lot of new ideas in it, and it's all in one place instead of hundreds of different pattern you buy at the store! Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

How fun to make a hat from French General fabrics! I have one of your charm packs and never considered making a hat with the fabric. I wear a sun visor at the beach, knitted hats in the winter and a floppy hat while gardening. Also many virtual hats for motherhood, a chefs hat and maybe a cute beret for photography and art. ;) I can't wait to see your book, Kari!

samplergal said...

Hats are great to keep the hot sun off delicate skin! I wore one in France this summer in the lavender field! Would love a French General hat.

Susan Heath said...

Several perspectives in which we view this question, obviously the tangible ones wear that people can see by looking at our outsides and those roles we play that people can see by looking at our actions and deeds. The many hats we wear at the different stages of our lives, as decoration, protection, necessity, etc. I wear baseball hats to watch sports that my kids play or of my favorite teams. I wear wide brimmed straw hats in the garden. One hat I wear, I don't even know how to describe it, when I take long training walks for fundraisers in which I participate. Fancy hats give me a feeling of confidence and style when I walk into a room. Hat can make a statement about who we are, how we feel and even where we are going. I think more people should wear them.

Jan said...

I wear many hats, metaphorically. I'm a wife, mom, grandma. I'm a quilter, photographer and blogger. I work at a bookstore and teach Tai Chi. Most of my actual hats are baseball caps. I have 2 small brimmed straw hats for when I travel and want to be styling. I never wear my favorite hat, it was my Dads. It's a straw "surfer" hat.

Jennifer said...

Such a fun hat! I would love to make it. Oh, the many hats of life--mother, wife, cook, gardener, crafter and general keeper of sanity. Actual hat--wide brimmed, shade hat.

Becky said...


I like the look of your hat today on your blog.

Hats that I wear?
3)teacher to the nine children we've had
4)head cook, supervisor of household chores
5)laundress at home for the 4 men who live here
6)advocate against proposed power lines coming through our farmland
8)and of course, the one who lends the listening ear to family and so many others.

Thanks for your colorful and very French blog! My roots are Alsatian!

Anonymous said...

I love hats and just wish they did not smash your hair..I wear mostly winter felt type hats or knitted to keep warm..but also love big floppy hats for summer at the beach or at the pool! Protects from more freckles too! Plus a great aid for the eyes to see without squinting!

Cheryl said...

Tomorrow morning, I'll be wearing my faded gardening hat that I need to replace and that's why I'm hoping to win the book with your cute pattern. In the afternoon, I'll wear the 'hat' of American Cancer Society volunteer as I work in their office.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Gran is my very favorite all time hat. There is never a fun tea party or dress up day without a hat. Believe it or not I never thought of making them--except the long wedding veil that has to be tied on with a pretty white ribbon when we play here comes the bride. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book and your delicious fabric! It would be a joy to make up hats for fun and everyday use.

Melody said...

I have newsboy caps that I love for fall/winter. I'm knitting and crocheting a couple of hats this fall.


Anonymous said...

My favorite hat is a felt fedora that I have worn for years. I know I would love this book, it looks like it is right up my alley! Thank you again for your generosity and the opportunity to win another great give-away.

Joanna P. Seattle, WA

Helen said...

I used to wear hats when I spent a few years in the UK, but not so much now that I'm back in New Zealand - it's not really the done thing here. Such a shame, they can be so flattering!

Judi said...

I like a good wide brimmed hat when I'm out in the sun - especially camping and fishing. And of course a nice warm hat for winter is always nice. My daughter (19) on the other hand, would wear one every day of her life - and she looks great in them.

Lynn S said...

My mom and law was a hat designer in the 50's---so stylish! I have a favorite brimmed hat with cheeries on it that I like to wear in winter. I do need to find me a good summer hat!

Jenny said...

i have short carefree hair, so any hat will do for me...except it needs to be big enough! i have an enormous head!! so the option to make my own hat is great! id love a wide brim hat to keep the sun off my face! thanks for a chance.

Anonymous said...

I have two favorite hats: the first is an Irish Walking hat in a beautiful brown tweed. It's over twenty five years old and reminds me of the ones my parents always wore in the fall. My other favorite is a really beat up old (used to be) white tennis hat that I used when I'm out in the garden. Both hats are old friends, as much for the memories they hold as for the servive they provide.

Kathy Hatz said...

As most women do, I wear many hats, that of wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, educator, mentor, and crafter. My small collection includes a foldable floppy hat that I were when kayaking, a velvet with silk embroidery I made many years ago and a lavender baseball cap. I love wearing each of them! In addition, my last name is Hatz!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I'm 25, but my family and friends have told me all of my life that I was born in the wrong era. I have always loved hats, including the "REAL" hats worn to the derby and in Great Britain. :) I have several berets, cloches, fedoras, "Anne of Green Gables" style straw hats, and several others. In fact, they literally take up an entire shelf in my closet, and then some. :) As you can tell, I love a good hat. Would LOVE to win! :)

Jackie F. said...

We all wear many hats, but literally speaking...a cool straw hat is perfect for working outside during the hot summer, and a mid-weight hat works here for our mostly mild winters. I just love the fabric used for the hat you featured!

Marlynne said...

Good for you! Cute denim hat with red had band I would wear it!

Lee said...

I love a straw hat in the summer and fall and winter and I love a hand knitted hat for winter! I love the french general trim!!

SunflowerSkies said...

I have a few cozy knitted hats for winter, and a straw hat for summer!

Susan said...

Hats are such fun- sun hats, ski hats, sports caps, beanies, berets, visors- there is a hat for every occasion!

Anonymous said...

I love the French General hat! I have a red 'go to tea withe the Queen' hat, a couple of cowboy hats, and lots of winter hats. The ones I wear the most often are, though, are my personal hats - friend, mentor, instructor, musician, daughter, sister.....
What a cool book this would be to win!

Marcia W. said...

The real hat I wear is a floppy brim sun hat to ward off the strong sun rays of Florida. I do wear lots of big brim caps too. If I win, the hat I make will be a church hat. My life hats are those involved in care, love, and tending of family (I'm a spinster).

Blanca Martinez said...

Hi! Since I can remember, I've always liked to wear hats. I think they are romantic, feminine, and useful at the same time. I have a beautiful beach hat. I also have a brown hat that has the 20's look to it. A straw hat for blueberry picking. A fabric vintage style garden hat, and 5 winter hats that is kind of a collection. The last two that I bought last December are so delicate and beautiful. One is cream, and the other is soft pink. When I wear them they make me feel pretty and special. I would love to learn how to make them. I love books too. Thank you for the opportunity. Blanca

Carpenters said...

These hats are so cute and would make great presents! Thanks!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I have ALWAYS been intrigued by hats (and wear them often) ... please include me in your drawing. This looks like fun and I will be following along ;-)

Juels said...

I was actually looking for a gardening hat the other day! Not a bad ting to know how to sew one. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I don't wear hats often, but love to make them for my kids. I have lots of non visible hats - wife, mom, house builder, computer worker, etc. Busy times!

childrens snow boots said...

Look for one made from a synthetic material that is moisture-wicking and won't absorb moisture from rain and snow.

Hatchet said...

This is sweet. I know I am lait, but I will get here next time.

Angelina-Alvarez said...

These cool hats for kids are a great choice if you want to offer your child protection from the sun and ensure that they look stylish while doing so. These hats are made with woven materials that allow ample circulation of air.

Unknown said...

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