Monday, October 29, 2012

2013 Art Of Craft Event

It's that time of year again...time for our annual Art of Craft Event at French General.  
This January, we will have three days of wonderful workshops and old friends coming together to create, inspire and celebrate craft.  If you have never been to a workshop at French General before, this is the perfect time to visit and see what we do.  Here is a little peek at the classes offered by each of our talented teachers...

Souvenir Journal

Marie Antoinette Embroidered Portrait

Hand-Sewn Sewing Book

Under the Bell Jar

Stitched Jewelry

Arlene Baker
Paper Flowers

Sign ups for the Art of Craft are limited to 30 students each workshop.  
Come for the craft - stay for the day!


Alena said...

Your blog is so inspiring. Really pretty uses of old items and creative uses of history! I nominated your blog for an award:
I know the online awards we give each other are very silly, but I hope it brings some more traffic to your blog, and lets you know that I enjoy reading your posts.

Wanda said... are killing me. Last year was so much fun, but I can't attend this year. Do you think any of these lovely ladies would offer kits for sale?? That line up is awesome.

Ashley Calder said...

Awesome projects! I only wish I was closer and able to take these classes! Especially Pam Garrison's journal and Molly Meng's bell jar.

Anonymous said...

I'm returning for my second year! The workshops look wonderful, as usual!

Thanks Kaari and everyone at French General...

Cathy Wilkinson

Marlynne said...

Looks so fun! If I could I would pick the hand sewn books. 3rd time trying to leave a comment with your Robot proof gadget! I dislike them!!