Monday, October 01, 2012

Those Who Seek Beauty, Will Find it!

In the past few days I have seen a couple of amazing films....if you find yourself in need of a good fix...

Bill Cunningham's New York
One of my favorite films I have seen in a long time!  This simple documentary chronicles the life of the modest Bill Cunningham, a veteran New York City fashion photographer.  The passion this man brings to his chosen occupation is almost palpable - I loved his enthusiasm and love of my favorite city.  His line, "Those who seek beauty will find it!" was said after accepting the chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres from the Ministry of Culture in France.

L'Amour Feu
A documentary on the relationship between Yves Saint-Laurent and his lover, Pierre Berge.  This quiet film taught me about the lasting love this couple shared as well as gave me insight into how people collect and build a life together through their love of art.  A visually beautiful film shot in Paris, Morocco and New York.

The Cats of Mirikatani
For years JZ, Sofia and I lived in downtown New York and across the street on the side of the local bodega, lived a Japanese man that painted all day - every day.  On sunny days he would display his artwork along the benches and when the winter approached, he would build himself a covered tarp and live underneath trying to avoid the harsh elements.  Within days after September 11th, I noticed he was gone.  I worried that something had happened to him - and I never knew exactly what...until I saw this movie.

Enjoy!  If you have seen any good movies lately, please pass them along....I am hooked on Netflix!


Mogull said...

seen them all. loved 'em all. great picks.

Kris Vogelsang said...

Thanks for suggesting these...I've written them down and can't wait to see them.

Tracy Altieri said...

I have seen Bill Cunnigham's New York - and love it! I am eager to view the other two - thanks for the recommendations!

Susan Fuquay said...

Loved the one on Bill Cunningham and will need to watch the others!

Have you watched Herb and Dorthy?
Visual Acustics?
Ray and Charles Eames?

oh, to possess that level of creativity!
At least it is something to aspire to!

Marble floor designs said...

After long time seen such pleasing film "L'Amour Feu" I truly love it. Thanks for the idea to see it. xoxo

~ Herman Swan

barbara r-g said...

i loved bill cunningham's docu. who wouldn't want to have a job that you totally love. an interesting man indeed

Holly said...

I've seen all but the first, and will find it. I too am hooked on Netflix! It's great to put on while sewing or doing handwork. I've developed a real love of the BBC's Masterpiece Classic films. Oh... perhaps you would like the new PBS series "Call the Midwife". You can see it online at The first episode is now available online. This is another great site to watch.
p.s. I'm in serious Chateau Rouge love right now. Thanks for more great reds!

Anonymous said...

There's a documentary called Herb and Dorothy about two art collectors in New York City, that I enjoyed...AS WELL AS Bill Cuningham's documentary.
Have you seen Temple Granden?

Anonymous said...

I have seen the Bill Cunningham documentary twice now and on the second viewing I made the connection between catholicism and his work. I believe he understands this work as a calling. In many ways he seems saintly. I was incredibly moved.