Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sew Red - Sewing and Quilting for Women's Heart Health

Last May I was in Kansas City at Quilt Market and was introduced to Laura Zander from Jimmy Beans Wool by Nancy Soriano at a lunch.  (Nancy introduces me to some of my favorite people!)  Later that evening, at a dinner thrown by Moda,  Laura and I happened to sit next to each other again and I felt like I was with a long lost friend.  At dinner, we got to talking and Laura told me about her business and mentioned a new quilting and sewing book she was working on called Sew Red in support of women's heart health.  I had a necklace on that our craft master, Jody Rice, had designed and Laura wanted to feature it in her book - so I took it off of my neck and said "Let's do it!"    
It's a funky little necklace that's made out of a bunch of 2x2 squares of fabric that are made into soft beads by sewing the outer perimeter with a simple running stitch and then filling fabric with a cotton starts with the same process as making a quilter's yoyo.  Continue to make these fabric beads over and over again until you have the length of necklace you desire!  We also featured this necklace on our Fall Moda Blog Hop!
Sew Red is filled with projects and ideas from some of my favorite designers, including: Denyse Schmidt, Aneela Hoey, Amy and David Butler, and  Kaffe Fassett.  In addition to beautiful pictures, thorough instructions and patterns, each designer offers his or her tips for healthy living and personal heart health experiences.  It's a book full of inspiration and ideas...and I am really proud to be a part of it.

3 comments: said...

Love this & love the whole concept. I want to vivit French General again. Did a few years ago and made a lovely necklace I treasure along with the memories I made that day. Your shop has stuck with me. So excited for you to see your fabric lines.

Unknown said...

I've got this book marked for when I makes it to the UK in a couple of months' time.

Marie Chat said...

Great collaborations and a serious topic supported in fun ways! What a way to a success. Congratulations to all of you. Will have to make your necklace, out of your lovely fabrics which I have several on hand!!