Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stitching Beauty

We are thrilled to announce our new project with Cosmo Threads!  We've designed four collections of floss palettes - based on the different seasons.  Included with each floss package is a free PDF embroidery sampler that you can copy off, transfer to fabric and stitch.  Or, you can make it easy on yourself and simply order the sampler already printed from our Embroidery Collection.
 Here's a sneak peek at our floss collections, that can be ordered from French General now!
Get Your Stitch On!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty - I would like to know what type of stretcher or hoop you are using. I enjoy embroidery and just bought a "Sit-On Needlework Frame" at Hobby Lobby in NC. It is made by Frank Edmunds & Co. ... hope that I like it, having used it yet. Thx!

Cassette Pop said...

Grateful for you writing this blog