Friday, October 24, 2008

Houston by High Noon

The International Quilt Market begins this weekend, and I am off to Houston to start getting my feet wet. I'll be signing copies of Home Sewn at both the Moda Booth - Saturday at 2 and the Brewer's Quilting Booth - Sunday at 1. I'll also be meeting up with some Japanese friends who are master quilters. In fact - some of the Japanese sewers I know are craft stars in Japan. I spent the day today preparing a present for each Japanese friend - because not only is a small token greatly appreciated but the fact that you took the time to package it is a true sign of admiration.
I am hoping to keep my eyes and ears open and learn as much as I can about this new patchwork territory - I never thought in a million years I would be thinking of designing quilts - but it feels like a natural extension for me. I love mixing the old patterns and colors together - and what better way than to use a large piece of fabric as your canvas.  
Two times to Texas within the last month....I'm hoping to go out for Texas barbeque again - I'm packing my cowboy boots - just in case.

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debi lynn mattingly said...

Welcome to Houston Kaari! Hope to get a chance to finally meet you. Especially since I have bought so many "lovely treasures" from your store. I also finally had a chance to pick up your book today...LOVE IT! I will definitely recommend it to my customers.

Have a safe trip! debi