Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Indian Summer

I always think the long, hot summer is over and then somehow it sneaks up on me again. The last few days have felt like triple digits here in Los Angeles - even though it's probably only in the 90's. Every one seems to be a little out of it - no one is prepared for the heat that decides to park it for a few more weeks.
Here's the odd phenomena, the pool is cold as ice. It's a hard one to figure out, but JZ thinks that once the nights turn cooler, around Labor Day, the pool temperature drops. No matter how warm the days are - the pool never gets to that comfortable, "swimmable" level again.
This makes me think of the Polar Bear Club in Old Saybrook, Connecticut - which I heard Katherine Hepburn was once part of - she would dive into the Atlantic every morning for a quick swim.
Which makes me think about Paul Newman - who I l have loved ever since my family watched The Sting - my dad's favorite movie. I heard one of the DJ's on KCRW say he was a great man because he had been married for fifty years.
But this photo makes me think about my mom who was shot in the leg with a bee-be gun one day whiles she was sitting on the pier at the lake in Neenah, Wisconsin. She was shot by a boy who liked her more than she liked him. Like I said, Indian Summer......

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