Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gems of New York

Last week, my trip to NY was so quick I barely had time to run into some of my old haunts - but I managed to squeeze in a few. If you find yourself in NY wondering what to do next, here's a short list of some of my favorite places:

Cupcake Cafe: Since the year I moved to NY back in 1988, this has been my favorite place for breakfast or just for a cupcake and a cup of tea. There is much debate over favorite types of cupcakes, but I choose these floral cupcakes any day over Magnolia! Cupcake Cafe now has two locations - I still prefer the whole in the wall on 9th Avenue between 40th and 41st Street.

Tinsel Trading: No longer a secret in New York, this vintage trim emporium is filled to the rafters with beautiful ribbons, flowers and hand-made gifts. I can spend hours and hours looking through all of Marcia's uncovered metallic fabric and threads. While visiting last week for the book signing, a designer came in and bought yards of beautiful old silver fabric and ribbon to make a wedding dress. I love the idea of a monochromatic metallic gown.

Fishs Eddy: I always love to pop into this old shop and see what they have uncovered in American dinnerware, glassware, and flatware. If you dig long enough and deep enough, you are sure to uncover some forgotten old childhood memory from your grandma's kitchen! When propping for our entertaining book, I found all sorts of old cake plates, tea sets and cranberry glass plates at this shop, that has grown over the years I have known it.

ABC Carpet and Home: Just across the street from Fishs Eddy - this five-story home store will keep you busy for hours! The first floor is always my favorite - filled with inspiration from around the world - I am continually in awe at the color coordinated and thematic displays. After you have exhausted yourself with inspiration overload - take a break at the tapas restaurant, Pipa, where you can have a snack with a glass of wine from the Basque country in Spain. ABC also has a bakery, a chocolate bar and a fine restaurant.

John Derian: No secret here - one of my favorite people and places to visit while in New York! John has filled his workshop with all of his wonderful art as well as brought in a handful of one-of-a-kind antiques and whatnots. Be sure to visit his newly opened textile shop, just a door or two down from the original.

Raouls: My favorite place to end the day with steak frites and a glass of red wine. Raouls was opened by two brothers from France years ago and continues to be one of the best French style bistros in Manhattan. Make reservations as soon as you get into town and hope that you can get a booth in the front dining room! Bon appetit!


Pigtown*Design said...

I just wrote about Fishs Eddy, too! I have an old NYC mug from them, with the Twin Towers still shown. Also love John Derian!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Kaari!

what a great post! being a NY and a Designer, i've been to ABC and the trim shop and of course Fished Eddy, and I love them all!! ABC is fabulous, I get lost in there, lol !!

and I love Fishes Eddy, they have the coolest retro stuff and such eye Candy too!! thanks for sharing, now I just need to get to the cupcake store, yum! ;)

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

Jill said...

I wanna be you when I grow up! I've never been to NY, but my to do list is growing SO long I may have to move up there so I'll have time to do all the exploring I need to do! Thanks for all the recs. I've got them jotted down in my "GO" book!