Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back in France

We've finally arrived back in France for the summer - and everything feels right again. The smells, sounds and flavors all come rolling back - just like we never left. Molly, mom and I have spent the past few days relaxing in St. Antonin, eating at some of our favorite bistros, visiting a couple of our favorite brocantes and getting lost on the country roads.
More to come....


becky up the hill said...

Oh Joy, please share as much as you can. 'Going no where in California'

Jillayne said...

Looks lovely Kaari!
Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you go back to "that" place - the one you know and don't forget? It wraps itself around you and draws you in to it's own rhythm, it's own pace and although you know you were away for a time, you realize it hasn't forgotten you either - you still fit.
Have a great summer!

Kris Vogelsang said...

Happy! Happy! Can't wait to travel 'with you' this summer!

Susan Fuquay said...

Kaari, Thank you so much for sharing! I can hardly stand the anticipation and am having a very hard time getting work done which I must before I can leave! See you soon, Susan