Thursday, June 09, 2011

Table Time

With just a week before we leave for the summer, my mind has drifted to the food of France. I stumbled upon these five key dates of French food, and it made me start dreaming about the fois gras, the fresh herbs, and the chicken cordon bleu...

1. 1533: Italian aristo Catherine de Medici marries into French royalty and, under her guidance, the Court gets passionate about its food for the first time.
2. 1691: Fran├žois Massialot reveals the recipes of Louis XIV’s kitchen in Le Cuisinier Royal et Bourgeois, effectively launching haute cuisine.
3. 1765: When Parisian soup maker Monsieur Boulanger offers customers at his tavern a choice of dishes, the world gets its first restaurant.
4. 1902: Auguste Escoffier pens La Grande Culinaire; 500 recipes of the rich, sauce-based cooking that would dominate 20th century French cuisine.
5. 1969: Food critics Millau, Gault and Gayot identify 48 chefs creating lighter food focused on fresh produce, recognizing nouvelle cuisine for the first time.


jone hallmark said...

beautiful photo.....

..and the dates make me want to watch "Ratatouille" again.
Have a wonderful time on France.....


Anonymous said...

I'm coming with you to France next summer...I am tired of missing out on all of the fun!
Celia H. from NYC