Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Car Affair

I am slightly obsessed with cars. Not just any type of car, but old, classic models - the ones that never go out of style. Growing up we were exposed to two types of cars: the Volkswagen Bus and the Mercedes. We went through at least 5 of each.When my dad met my mom he drove the old Citroen 2CV.  My father in-law drove the Citroen DS - nothing better than the classic French car.
My dad never bought new cars, just reliable used ones. My family inherited an old Model T Ford from my mom's dad. Buehla, as she's known, has sat comfortably in our driveway for the past 20 years. Buehla was the car my sister drove to high school everyday. Classic. A couple of years ago my dad went out and bought a Toyota Minivan (?) and my mom bought a convertible BMW (?) - something is very strange. I don't understand why they wouldn't have bought a vintage Mercedes 300 S Coup. I am trying to stay brand loyal - I have driven a Saab for the past 15 years. Lately I have been thinking about switching it up, trying something new - but then today I saw a bumper sticker (another remnant of years gone by which seems to be making a comeback) that said: Gas Sucks - Ride a Bike.

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Maija said...

I drive the most perfect 1987 Mercedes 300 E. It was my mom's and my dad gave it to me when she died. I love my classic car!!