Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sweet Escape

Thinking about work, the two new books we are about to start.....makes my mind wander to the old El Rancho Hotel. East of Flagstaff, Arizona, across the border of New Mexico, sits an old Indian town named Gallup - home of the infamous, El Rancho Hotel. "Formally opened December 17, 1937, The El Rancho was built by the brother of the movie magnet, D.W. Griffith. Drawn by the many films made in the area, Ronald Reagan, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn and Kirk Douglas were among the many stars listed in the guest register. Autographed photos of the stars, Navajo Rugs & mounted trophy animal heads adorn the magnificent two story open lobby with its circular staircase." It's a throwback to the good old days, when men were drinking whiskey at the bar and the horses were tied up outside. The hotel is now protected by the National Historic Preservation Society. This historic hotel is continually cared for by Mr. Ortega who has made it his personal hobby since its purchase. If you ever find yourself driving east on Route 66 towards Santa Fe, pull off the dusty road and spend a night at the El Rancho - it's authentic, early western history will win you over.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Sounds like alot of fun!
Karla & Karrie

Pigtown*Design said...

We had a memorable breakfast at Earl's in Gallup on our way from Baltimore to Lake Powell. Loved that whole area, so different from the east coast.