Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Setting the Table

The time has come to start shooting our next book. The crafts are finished, thanks to Jody, the props and tables have been rounded up from all the flea markets, the crew is arriving by plane, foot and wheels, the food will be gathered at the Silverlake Farmer's Market, and Michael is working on getting the horse to the chateau! Usually I lose sleep leading up to one of these shoots, but I have tried to let go of the anxiety and just go with the flow. We will be setting 8 different tables - some small, intimate meals, and some larger family meals - each will have a few craft ideas to help embellish the table and event. My plan is to try and capture the process of how we entertain - how we prepare the table, food and atmosphere before we gather friends around. Here we goooooo!


Jody Rice said...

[deep breath...]


whew...ok, I think I'm ready. Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Don't fret, it will be fabulous! All of your work is!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!


Denise said...

Hi Kaari,

I visited your store last September and you gave me a horse bead for my daughter. If you need to arrange a horse for a photo shoot and we are in the neighborhood - Madeleine's horse is very calm. If we're not in the neighborhood I might be able to locate a calm horse for you.