Monday, September 08, 2008

Farmer's Market

Sofia and I spent some time at our local farmer's market in Hollywood on Sunday. We are so lucky to have this market right in the middle of a sprawling city - and by the look of the crowds - it seems that everyone in Hollywood would agree with me! We scooped up all sorts of fresh vegetables including corn, beets, red onions and potatoes. We also found some Cavaillon melons - which are hard to come by outside of France. There is even a big melon festival that takes place in July in Cavaillon: "Melon en FĂȘtes". Try serving your melon with a bit of port poured into each half for a dessert, or wrap each piece of melon with a piece of prosciutto - if you can't find a Cavaillon melon, our cantaloupe works just as well.

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molly said...

i love how sofia looks like a little french gal shopping the market with her straw basket!