Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Antique Whites

Welcome to January! It really feels like a new beginning this year. I'm trying all new things - all the time. Here's a new thing: a giveaway for a color description.
Our January collection is all about the early whites - the whites of long ago. Lately I have been doing some deep digging with old vendors and I keep seeing lot's of old white - feathers, flowers, beads....the overlooked color? So often when white pieces have been stored for 50 plus years, they turn this very subtle shade of white - that's the color I am going for here - not a cream, not a sand, but an antique white. Dusty white? Anyway - maybe someone out there can explain the color. We'll choose one or two lucky comments on Saturday, January 10th. If you've never made one of our charm kits before - breath easy - everything is included in the kit - you just need a pair of pliers and some strong glue, I'll include a guidebook also. Bonne Chance!


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Austin said...

I don't know if this is what you're looking for but here goes:

Winter Whites
Paper Whites (like the winter bulb)

Cheryl said...

The antique whites remind me of the "white" I use in my home which is "Swiss Coffee". Definitely not an "antique" term but it sounds yummy! Gorgeous bracelet.

becky up the hill said...

Jersey White. Have you ever seen a fresh bucket of Jersey cow milk? The froth is creamy and rich. Jersey cows produce the highest percent of milk fat too. So in my mind's eye I see a white enamel bucket, with steaming frothy creamy Jersey milk. Antique linens and frothy Jersey milk make a fine pair. Yes Jersey White.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaari, just found your blog today, and lucky me because I love dreaming up new names for colors! I used to spend hours as a kid with one of those really giant box of crayolas with all the cool color names.

So let's see, for your name how about....sugar cane. Or perhaps abalone...or natural vanilla...maybe even aged plaster? Nah, that's a bit too industrial isn't it :). Well anyway thanks for giving me an excuse to daydream a bit today, and good luck with your search!


Jenn said...

Sugar Mountain.... sweet, sweet, sweet!

Margaret said...

I like Antique White. Or Attic Lace. If you're a cross stitcher, you'll get my meaning. :D Please enter me in your drawing.

LindaSonia said...

Calla Lilly
I can see in my mind's eye the color you are talking about but descriptors fail me. 'Antique' or 'Vintage' really speaks to me.


Unknown said...

I think the name Hidden White is a good description..or how about
Brittle White or maybe even Sleeping White....


oldflowers4me said...

im thinking of dreamy white wings-the under skirt of an old antique dress-creamy knee high socks-wipped cream to put between a sponge cake....oh and my night cream.....its all so nice....singing and skipping -jo.

Paula said...

Crafted white or buttermilk.

I love all the subtle hues of white...

debbie said...

what a beautiful bracelet! Thinking of an aged word, how about "Centurian Cream"?
" Grandma's pearl"

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful bracelet kit! How about Antique Alabaster or Winter Linen or Faded Vellum? I'm sure whatever you choose, it will be absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaari, looking at the braclet puts me in a vision fog from when I look at my old family pictures that I have from eary 1900's. When I look at them I can feel the years fade away & I feel I am with them & everthing is seen,felt & smelld with a haze. The color I feel is Vintage Cream laced with Coco. Kelly/NYC/Astoria

krista said...

Hi Kaari,
I just found your blog through Pam Garrison. I will now be a constant visitor! As for your color naming... my husband brought me a gardenia this evening in a tiny round vase, just one flower so how about:
evening gardenia
vintage gardenia
polar frost
grandma's wedding gown
going to the chapel
cream cloak
Well, I could go on and on. I'm so happy to have happened by!
Thank you,

Anonymous said...


okay, the wheels are spinning, i'm picturing a box of old lace, or the vintage tissue paper found in the bottom of the old ornament boxes....maybe...

once white
valentino white
wishbone white
swan white
shadows of white

i'll let you know if i think of any others...


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via my daughter. Will have to add it to my daily blog check. I am thinking satin, marshmallow, cloud, white cotton.. hmmm
this is not easy..Well I am going to have a look at your blog site. Looks like fun. Louise

ShabbyInTheCity said...

My word won't work for this but maybe something you run across? "Bluing" was what I've heard Mama say they used to whiten something when she was a child in the Depression. "Unbleached domestic" was the fabric often used for sewing :) I wish I had a dime for every time I've heard her say those words!

Unknown said...

The color I think of is the one I love to find when digging through treasures in French flea markets. I think Brocante Blanc, Brocante White, French Flea or just Perfect Patina describes the look! Regardless of the name it is beautiful.

C.L. Davis said...

Well, given the store and blog, I would say "French Vanilla." (Very pretty bracelet, by the way.)

Pamela Jane said...

What fun!

unbleached flour
monk's white
grey dawn

Glowing Maternity and Baby Boutique said...

antique pearl
snowflake fallen
cream lustre

this is harder than it seems

Farmgirl Cyn said...

How about "Memere's White", Memere being french for grandmother. I can remember my Memere hanging her whites on the clothesline...not the pure white of a brand new men's tee shirt, but that softer white that comes from months/years of being sctrubbed on the washboard and line dried.

Maija said...

How about "Weathered White" or Well Worn White?

rroebuck said...

I would call the color Antique Paper. It is what happens to paper over time and it is beautiful.

Michele said...

Did anyone write in "Wuthering Whites" . Who knows, there could be some of Emily Bronte's buttons in your stash Kaari?????

Michele said...

It was my first blog post.....Should have added the "Withering Whites"option.

Cottage Way of Life said...

Oh boy, everyone's coming up with some great names for that intangible white. I've always just called it dirty white, but that's not a very attractive name, is it? So I thought what looks like a creamy old white to me, and I decided that after you crack the burnt sugar on the top of a creme brulee (which is such a pleasurable thing to do), and dig into the luscious custard beneath ... that's a fabulous white. So that's what I'm sticking with for a name ... Creme Brulee. Ah ... I'm making myself hungry! ;^)

Anonymous said...

January, the month to start a clean
slate, a fresh new beginning. What
better way to start the New Year 2009 than with your delightful color description giveaway. Here are bits of inspiration in a dreamy all white setting:

treasured taupe, sugar bisque, antique ecru, oyster linen, dusty dogwood, sophisticated alabaster,
and delicate lace all wrapped up in a winterbourne wonderland.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful glimpse into yesteryear! The 'white' reminds me of my little Max, my precious shelter dog, who is NOT QUITE WHITE. (He's not quite 'right' either, but that story is for another blog!)

summerland cottage said...

Oh ! another thought,

Anonymous said...

dreamy white, sweet cream, solitude...........peaceful calm...........I saw this name before and loved it-snow following on cedars!!!

Anonymous said...

oops.......I meant to say snow falling on cedars or winter whites,tattered white

Anonymous said...

I like calling that kind of white:

tea white
blush white
rich cream

I'm a new reader, having just discovered your blog via Somerset Life. I bought the Spring 08 issue this week at a second hand store. :) I love inspiration boards you featured in your article. :)

Cat said...

I just found your blog today, what a treasure! The bracelet is beautiful. I love that dreamy antique white colour, I think part of its charm is that it is impossible to pin down a name for it!

Jennifer said...

I love ironstone and I love old painted white wood. So I have to say either ironstone white or barnwood white! I'm lovin' your blog!!!!!!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Kari,
so nice to discover that you have started a blog yay!:) I own your books French-inspired home and French-inspired jewelry and I love them both, they are so inspiring! The bracelet in your photo with the antique whites is breathtaking!
What about Moonlight white, Lily of the Valley white, or Hydrangea white, or Magnolia white, or Syringa white, or White Beach though?
Sending you warmest wishes from Boxwood Cottage in freezing cold Germany

Lorrie said...

Ooh, what fun! Playing with words.

Snow drift
Winter flurries
White filigree
Pristine Pales
Feather Pillow
Vintage Feathers
Plume d'hiver (Winter Feather)
Snow Feathers

Oh, I'd better stop - this is addicting!

I'm expecting the delivery of your sewing book any day now! Love your style.


Nic (NotPerfect) said...

Vintage Bridal White

hayden said...

late winter sky - it's the enduring and peaceful gray-white of the sky when you're waiting for yet another snowfall.

Anonymous said...

Linen White

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Calla Lilly White, but someone else already has. I love that creamy satin-like white shade found in one of my favorite old fashion flowers. Love your blog BTW; I found you from Pam Garrison's blog, and I'll be back often.

Unknown said...

Lilac white
aged white

Anonymous said...

Love the bracelet...first time visitor. Here are the names I came up with.

Classic Pearl (because pearls always have different shades)
Prime White
Worn White
Rusty White

Hope this helps...

Square Linda said...

Here's my suggestion:

Snow Dust

Sarah Shafer said...

Frosted heirloom
Snowy antiquity
Vintage Vanilla

And done...

Jesselyn said...

I think they look like a "Snowy Owl" type of white. They may have little flecks of brown here or there, and they may not be perfectly, glistening white, but that just makes them more beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Raw Sugar
Lily of the Valley

Erin said...

Tchaikovsky White
Ophelia White
Arsenic White
Chardonnay White
Chateau White
Quill Pen White
Gossamer White

Chrysanthe said...

Snow White

kattersmay said...

I picture a "Vanilla White" Like my grandmothers doilies on her couch back and arms andchair backs and arms, soft subtle vanilla white.

Stephanie said...

How about "Bois d'hiver" (or an English version: "winterwood")?

PrincessMax said...

A little internal word association led me to:

moonsoft white

Charmaine said...

How about "Forgotten White"? I like it because it alludes to the forgotten then found lovely treasures from the past.

Kari said...

I've always called that "Antique White," but thinking about it got me this:

Victorian White
Washed White
Modest White

Love the bracelet!

Unknown said...

The word "alabaster" comes to mind when reading your description. Maybe something like "aged alabaster" or "antique alabaster" would imply the time-worn luster you're looking for? Thanks for the chance to win; the bracelet is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I would call it "Victorian White."

Kelly said...

Sleeping Beauty

Or, Grandma's Wedding Dress, because it's exactly the color of that dress that your mom or aunt has stored in her closet, carefully packed away for posterity.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Kari submitted "Victorian White" just before me. How about just plain "Vintage White"?

Kari said...

Hi Kaari!

I can't help but think of orchids, as they're white is somewhat subdued but not overly so, so my first guess would be orchid white!

I also think of frothed milk (on top of a yummy latte!) or milk glass... both textures that have some transparency even though they're opaque.

Good luck picking a name, you have bunches of choices, and the bracelet kit looks divine! (Heavenly cloud white?!?! hehehe!)

Sylvia Smith said...

silent white

it is silent when it snows

JEWEL said...

Irish Lace
Antique Lace White
Porcelain White
Antique Porcelain

karenb said...

I am eagerly awaiting your new January collection, as old whites are an absolute favorite color palette of mine. And your bracelet kit looks so lovely. Anyway - old whites make me think of the following names: Vanilla Cream; Antique Lace; Old Lace and Cream; Linen Pearl; and so forth - scrumptious names for yummy colors. Make me think of my piles of old linens and antique lace trims, the creamy, faded white of our old Victorian home's walls, the glow of old mother of pearl buttons. Thanks for the inspiration! -Karen

Laurie said...

You've got a ton of great suggestions but here's a few more!

tusk (as in ivory)
sand dollar
white coral
linen closet

Anonymous said...

I would go with "vintage white extraordinaire" - they're beautiful and extraordinarily white and vintage - I love that they have gotten the color from aging

Anonymous said...

I think of my grandmother's jewelry which we would get into to play dress up in, or wear to church with her... Perhaps Sunday White, or Best White?

Anonymous said...

ancient rime

Anonymous said...

Ice Queen

battlemaiden said...

How about Winter Mist?

barbiegirl04 said...

White pearl

mayaluna said...

How fun, I have your book by my side...didn't know about your blog until today! so many great suggestions, but I don't think anyone mentioned mine, yet:

faded parchment or pale parchment
pale linen
bleached bone

Meghan said...

Lace white? Perhaps predictable, but it's what I thought of.

Rachel said...

churned butter? fresh cream, ivory snow, antique cream, fresh linen, midnight pearl

rosemeg said...

So pretty!

Devonshire White (like the cream)
White Chocolate

Or you could just go with pretty. Pretty attic white. Pretty!

Anonymous said...

How about:
Snow angel (like the angels you make when you like on your back)
Snow maiden
Sno cone

annasoc1 (at) verizon (dot) net

Aprille said...

Of the ones I've read so far:

Images that come to mind:
Milk froth or milk foam

kiely119 said...

love the bracelet- how about First Snow- reminds me of the fresh clean snow that you dont want to touch cause its too perfect.

Anonymous said...

I have two suggestions:
White cream
Heirloom white

lindastamps at gmail dot com

Jess said...

Vanilla cream

Kalanit said...

la vanille Bourbon or french vanilla
Crème de la Lune
lune de miel

Crafter-holic said...

How about 'Meringue lustre' or 'Vanilla Essence'?
Lovely charms btw :-)

Mary said...

How about antique white wash?

Mary said...

or vintage white milk paint?

Julie said...

Hi, Very pretty bracelet. Celestial white is what I think of looking at the bracelet. Otherwise many of the suggestions and the ones you said are descriptive for me: Antique white, white white, wishbone white, ...

Anonymous said...

Lumi - it sounds beautiful and elegant in all languages, and means snow in Finnish.

Anonymous said...


cream_city_chick-A-DEE said...

Beautiful bracelet & blog! How about dragonfly wing white?

Mary said...

After reading the comments, I think everyone should work for paint companies writing their colors! Tons of creativity out there! So, I'll attempt to add a couple - how about creme brulee, milk glass, or blizzard (this suggestion is only because it's snowing like crazy right now!). Thanks for this fun contest.

Cheryl Connell said...

my first thought was vintage white.

Great choices!


jeannie said...

French General White
Victorian White
Swiss Dot
Olde Whyte
Prayer White

Lynn said...

This reminds me of a Mother of Pearl ring my mom gave me, it was actually her class ring in the 60's.

So my suggestion is
Elegance & Love Mother's bracelet
You could market it as your Valentine's Gift to mothers.

Anonymous said...

How about Vintage Ivory Cream?

crazycat said...

I've seen a lot of good color names, but am I correct in thinking you are looking for a name that stands alone, without the word 'white' tacked on? There are so many color-words in our language, but sometimes they just aren't what we're looking for.

Your color reminds me of plain soy milk when it's poured into a glass. It's white, but not 'milk-white' and not really not-what. It's a soothing color. So I'll propose:


teresa p said...

Gorgeous bracelet. I've always liked "antique white" as the color name. I've tried to think of something more creative, but scrolling through the comments, I think a few others have beat me to it. Here are my suggestions:

Honored white
Enduring white
Seasoned white

drub-b said...

Abalone Flesh, Ocean's Froth, Mid-winter's dandylion

Sammi said...

Most of what I've thought up has been said, so I'll just second that I think something like "Heirloom White" or "Grandmother's Linens" conjures the right sort of imagery for me. I've always liked that sort of white, not stark, but warm. Warm white. That's not bad either. ;)

JJ Sobey said...

Blanche Ancienne

Just my two cents..

teesagypsy said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous bracelet! :)

How about "Moonstone Dreaming"?

LittleSister said...

It reminds me of the Chinese silk, brought home by my dad in the 40's, originally a bright white, but aged to a vintage ivory, and used for my wedding gown in the 90's. How about:

"Vintage Ivory"
"Vintage Parchment"

lauramory said...


or Widower's Lace

Janet said...

ooo, how about "vintage vanilla cream"

Poerava said...

Ecru, pearl or aged white.
Whatever the name, it is a timeless color

Unknown said...

I was thinking french how about
Baiser d'albâtre (meaning alabaster kiss) soft light like mother's kisses.

Unknown said...

Muted ivory...


Joy Zheng said...

I say it's misty memory white

Greta said...

Beautiful bracelet!

What about vintage lace, aged ivory or antique bone.

There are tons of great ideas in these comments though. You can't go wrong!

Brahdelt said...

Creamy Pearl

Unknown said...

I just came acroos your blog. Beautiful bracelet. I thought of : achromatic beauty, lily white, latte white, and milky snow

Jen said...

ah there are so many comments that mine won't even stand in comparison but I really love this bracelet and if III had to give it a name, it would be something like..
sister winter charm (after the ever loved sufjan stevens song),
or memory collector charm.

Jean Ashley said...

Hi. I LOVE the bracelet! I didn't read through all the comments, so I don't know if these have been suggested yet but here goes:

Frosty Pearl
Vintage Pearl
Vanilla Cream
Fresh Cream
Mother of Pearl
Calla Lilly

Thanks for giving me the chance to feel creative today!

paleseptember said...

beautiful bracelet! hmm as for whites...I think of lace! Soo..perhaps vintage lace?

Anonymous said...

How about Mermaid Pearls

Cathoo said...

I really like this bracelet!

Princess Pearl is what I would call it. Dainty and elegant.

Wendy said...

Vanilla Frost

Love the bracelet!

costumefaery said...

I love antiques and the antique look. Words I would put with Antique White would be:

Dusted White
Forgotten Linen
Aged Linen
Ashen White

Kate said...

ooh what a beautiful bracelet! Really gorgeous, and some fabulous names too! The bracelet definitely evokes "old world" and soft sumptuousness, so here goes:

soft white
paper white
white mist
snow dew white
antique chalk

ooh how inspiring!

Jehannarc said...

The color reminds me of the Monet paintings of Rouen or beautiful white Montmartre on the hill. So many of the gorgeous cathedrals of France are of beautiful white stone, changing their shade with the weather.

- Rouen White
- Escaliers de Montmartre (stairs of Montmartre)
- Montmarte Blanc

Also, white is a very spiritual color:
- Esprit Blanc
- Fantome (ghost white)

urbnfemme said...

I have a serious love of charm bracelets, and this one is so lovely! I'm so glad I found your site.

Let's see... I've got Grand White, Aged White, Elegant White, Refined White, and Belle Fleur (just sounds pretty!). But my favorite is Grace or Graceful White -- it reminds me of how delicate antique treasures always look with their intricate designs and fabrics.

Anonymous said...

I think Celestial Cloud, Victorian Dream or Snowy, Snowy night

Anonymous said...

I'm from San Francisco and it reminds me of the fog rolling in... so that's what i would call it.

urbnfemme said...

(oops. Apparently I belong with the antiques, as I can't figure out how to get my name on that last post! 'Uf' is actually 'Brooke'! Thanks for your patience with me on that!)

Unknown said...

Blanche Neige (snow white)
Coquille (shell).

A French name to go with the French store. I love the French General book, by the way!

Recruiter Girl said...

How about Perennial Ivory? Perpetual Pearl? My two cents...

Anonymous said...

lunar white
moonshadow white
nightshade white
tea-stained white
tea-leaf white

drub-b said...


Anonymous said...

Vanilla sugar is a scent of hand soap that I buy at Bath and Body Works but I also think it describes the color you are speaking of. Homemade vanilla ice cream could be a good description or peachy vanilla.

um said...

So many good suggestions. I had thought

tea wash white
old lace

but I see a few similar ones posted already.!

Janice said...

When I look at the bracelet it makes me think of ice white or pearl white.

Essential Amy said...

How about:

atmosphere white





becky up the hill said...

After some thought I am going to add Jersey Cream to my Jersey white. Then if you read the history of the island of Jersey..oh my it's close to France..and of course that is where the Jersey cows came from. Have you ever been there?
*Jersey Cream*
*Jersey Milk*

Anonymous said...

first day of school white
new notebook white

Anonymous said...

how about: the color of love

David and Christine said...

The only name that comes to mind is "off white" or you "oatmeal". The bracelet is beautiful!!


Laura said...

I just LOVE the bracelet and all things that seem like they've just been found in grandmother's attic after 50 years! I like names that evoke that image:

Timeworn White
Revival White

Zuliblu said...

Your bracelet is beautiful! Here are my names I came up with:
Feather Down White,
Bleached Muslin White,
Mother of Pearl White,
Vanilla Ice Cream White,
Buttercream Frosting White

I must be hungry LOL.

Best of Luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Let me have a go at it...

Moon glow,

Button box white,

Mother of Pearl,


Christine said...

stone mountain white
alfredo white....love your jewelry...Christine

Unknown said...

what a wonderful blog. I looked at your kit and "confectioner's sugar" comes to mind. not shiny but a nice powdery white.


Christine said...

alfredo white...stone mountain white...Christine

Anonymous said...

So many great ones here are a few of my inspirations:
Waxen white
Tumbled sea glass
Niveous (a term for snowy white)
Polished Pearl
Pearl Troca (a type of shell that is the exact, polish, sheen and translucent aged white you mean)

It's a beautiful bracelet, good luck with your hunt!

Anonymous said...

Vintage White covers a range of whites - but I like the image that Magnolia conjures up for me.
--Vicki K.

Tracy said...

Here's my 2 cents ;)

Vintage Snow
Classic Candescent
Heirloom Ivory

Linda said...

misty white
snow white
winter white
early morning white
aged white
Granny's white
after white

Recycled Rita said...

Vintage Lace.... Just the perfect amount of vintage beauty mixed in with white....

Anonymous said...

French Canvas
Wedding veil

The bracelet is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bracelet, Kaari.

Here's mine:

Snow Moon

Good luck,
Leigh WT

Blaize said...

Luna. Alhambra. Fleur de sel. Aunt Tilda's Macramé. Chihuahuan Desert (home of White Sands National Monument). Saint-Benoît-du-Lac (a type of beautiful ivory-colored cheese). Bakelite Domino. Mourning Dove.

Anonymous said...

just a thought or two- - - *days gone by -*frosted window -*improved with age -*opaque dreams -*opalesque -*clouds of romance -*relic of winter -*tatted lace -*shimmery -*aunty anita It sounds like a great bracelet!!!

Razzberries said...


I would call it misty moon white or misty morning white.

Thanks for sharing!

Bren said...

Antique Linen

Pat McIntosh said...

Love the bracelet and your blog! Here are a few names to throw out there:
Porch White
Picket Fence
Bone China
White Chocolate

What fun!
Thanks for sharing and getting us all to think creatively.

Bunny B said...

I'd say Pearly White!
bunnybx at gmail . com

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.It's a lovely timeworn, powdery white, difficult to capture with a name. How about Bygone White or Dusty Miller?

RideAndShine said...

Parchment, papyrus, pearl, oyster, mother of pearl, buttercream,

geez, have fun picking one out of all these great whites!

love the bracelet.

Anonymous said...

seems easy....but it's not!

how 'bout:

aged bisque
faint moonglow
angel's wing
lamb's wool
morning dew

Teri said...

How about "White Bisque"? Could that be the proper name?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's snowfall


Crystal Haines said...

Ooo! Pretty! :)

My picks:

"Chantilly Lace White"
"Something Old..." (The wedding saying)
"Seashell White"
"Shades of White"
"Eternal White"
"Almond White"


Kate Alice said...

My grandmother had, for as long as I could remember, a closet full of crisp sheets that she wash every month wether they had been used or not and they were the exact same color that you describe so how about Nana's Linens.

Jill said...

That color is one I come across when I find another of my grandmother's treasures. Since there are so many factors that go into that result-among them storage because they are special, kept because they have meaning, I call my grandmothers things a "cherished" white. It's the results of use, love, age, and storage. That bracelet is gorgeous! Thanks for the offerings!

Anonymous said...

I just think "Frost" when I see those creamy whites. And just like frost, there is something beautiful underneath that is made even more beautiful by the frosting. Thanks for the opportunity...the bracelet is beautiful!

Ronica said...

Reine Blanche.

Going with the whole Frenchie theme. ;)

Anonymous said...

My suggestions for the colours...


Or if you're looking for a name to suit the bracelet, how about...
Reminiscences Across the Milkyway?
Nostalgic Moments?

Unknown said...

"Sacred White"
"White Chocolate" (Chocolat Blanc)

Ice Cream said...

I think all my ideas have already been taken (hopefully that means they were good ones) like "heirloom white," "Grandmother's white,"

I also like "opal" because my grandmother wore opals and old white has that sort of opal luminescence.

Other, more poetic names are:
Mother's Pearl(s)

Love letter (only love letters are kept long enough to gain that old white look)

Remember White (because old white holds so many memories in it)

Unknown said...

hm, this really makes my imagination wonder and wander, both. lol.
perhaps Antique Dreams White... or Dainty Lace White, Classic White, or, just simply Heirloom White!
actually, i think i like that one best. Heirloom White. it sounds precious and valuable and brings to mind refound treasures.

pam q said...

I didn't read all 166 comments (!!!) so perhaps these are already taken....

Creme de la Creme
Almost Pearl
Of A Certain Age
Soft Glow

Anyway, cool bracelet!

Anonymous said...

My daughter will be one year old on January 12th. For her first birthday I am actually getting her a charm bracelet, as per tradition. Her name is Liliah Winter but we often call her Lily ... how about "Winter Lily".


Unknown said...

I think maybe "érodé blanc" or "oublié blanc" the first is weathered white and the second is forgotten white.the bracelet is gorgeous.

Kay said...

Truly beautiful.. how about "Moonlight sonata"

Unknown said...

I remember the snow in Utah at our ranch just before sunup. So Crystal Snow would be my first suggestion, followed by Angel Cake and Queen Anne's Lace.

Dina Kerik

love you to pieces said...

LOVE YOUR STORE,LOVE YOUR LOVE LOVE YOUR BRACELET.. How bout white mocha, or satin ivory, reminds me of my mothers beautiuful wedding gown, there are so many wonderful names to choose. Good Luck. Thanks Kathy H.

Anonymous said...

So many creative names everyone has come up with to describe "that" white! With so many already submitted, it's getting harder and harder to come up with something original, but I'm going to give it a try anyway!

Lovely bone
Carte Blanche

Thanks for another opportunity to win something beautiful from French General! ~Kristi H.

Tina said...

Someone's bound to have said this already, but I really like the term vintage white. Even though the word 'vintage' is somewhat overused nowadays, I think it's really appropriate here. I love the bracelet and hope to be picked a a winner! ;)

Anonymous said...

I really hope these haven't been used, if they have, I apologize.

Victorian Lady
Victorian Silk
Crinoline White
Tea Cup White
Victorian Tea
Edwardian White
Shabby Elegance


Tinkerportabella said...

I'm from the deep south, and here one of the most precious events is a SNOW! My granny's generation (although I never actually met her...) had a unique way of celebrating such a phenomenon - snowcream. My mom made it for us during the "blizzard" of '93, and I'm pretty sure it's just a combination of heavy cream, sugar, and snow, with a pinch of salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It's crunchier than ice cream, and melts much faster. I think "snowcream" combines the delicacy, tradition, and love that show in your bracelets. Not to mention the color accuracy - if just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg are added to the dessert, it becomes the not-white, not-cream, warm color of your gems.

Nesa said...

I am not sure what white term to use, but i think marshmallow white would be nice. And the charm bracelet is great. Happy 2009.

Sue said...

The bracelet is lovely. How about

Grandmere's white
feather down white
attic treasure white

I have also come across many old white pieces - milk glass bead necklaces and such - maybe its a sign?

Please enter me in your contest

Sue in chilly but still snowless Maryland

Cindy said...

silky white
elegant white

YoMJ said...

When I hold some of those white jewlery pieces I am remeinded of the mirrors that are old. Like you could see something in them from the past. So, Frosted Mirror white, or teacup white, like the white you see in antique porcelain. What does the teacup or mirror remember?

Anonymous said...

vintage moonlight


Babsarella said...

How about champagne? or Toasted almond? (haven't read all the comments, so hope I haven't repeated). Love the fab bracelet!!!White is such an amazing hue...so many shades and possibilities.

lovejustice said...

Angel's Breath White

Wendy O said...

Your bracelet is gorgeous. I saw your link on Craftzine before I went to bed last night. What a way to fall asleep or not. I kept having images of white objects pop in my head and I had to write them all down.

Here is my list of names:

Picket Fence
White Lilacs
White Rose
White Wash White
Warm Milk
Sugar Cube
Snow White Dove
Star Dust
Lilly of the Valley
Queen Anne's Lace
Fairy Blossoms
Paper Whites

I finally fell asleep and dreamed of flowers.

Thanks for the challenge.

June said...

Yesteryear's White
White of Long Ago

Here you go! This was fun.

Anonymous said...

Winter Wonderland. The bracelet is beautiful......good job. You are really talented.

somepinkflowers said...

i adore
the whites found in the sands
at the shore.

the cool, grey whites
the warm, orangey whites

made from bits of broken shells
over time.

Beachy Sand White


{{ yes, your kits are satisfyingly complete
i would know }}

Anonymous said...

Chanilly Cream
or sweet meringue..

it is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

The color white used in your bracelet brings to mind
"SMOKE" which encompasses the yummy smoke coming from chimneys in the winter as you're walking through our neighborhood on a cold winter night:)

from: shana@ackerdesigngroup.com

Jooolia said...

Satincream white? That is what popped into my mind. :)

Sharmyn said...

I'm not going to read anybody elses comments so if it's already been said - please forgive!

oyster white
antique linen white
Crème fraîche

DHB said...

what about champagne or pear sorbet.


CCP said...

Here's my go at it. I didn't scroll through the list so these may have already been posted.

Winter's Snow
Vintage Pearl
White Sugar
Antique Lace
Blushing Bride White

Devonia said...


Love the bracelet-

Karina said...

I love that "Hidden in the drawer" color! Here are some ideas! (looks like you have a lot of great names to choose from!)

•Cherished Pearl
•Beloved Pearl
•Hidden in the drawer pearl or white
•Dearly loved white
•Pearl memoirs
•Forgotten white or pearl
•Tatted white (just thought of the old tatted lace ladies used to make ... something handmade but exquisite!)

moosmutzel said...

I haven't read through all the comments so I hope I don't repeat things.

vanilla white
wool white (in German this is actually a color)
Yesterdays White

joon said...

The first thing that popped into my head is: tulle

Although it can come in various colors and shades, traditionally it is associated with these shades as it was used for veils, gowns, wedding dresses and ballet tutus in times past.

It's lovely and I hope you find a name that brings you happiness.



Heather A said...

From a librarian: Aged Page

Gabrielle Mader said...

Innocent white, ironstone, creamy white, bridals veil, bridals breath, pearl, snow white...I love all kinds of white but esp. the color on that bracelet.

emilyg said...

Here via post on Craft blog.

How about: Moonlight White, or Moonlit White

Or: Eiderdown

Last of all, my favorite idea:

Creamy Filling

The Joy of Nesting said...

Good Morning Kaari!!

Don't you find it interesting that 201 of us know exactly, can see in their mind's eye the same color. But each one of us see the color in different words, based on our experiences, environment, emotions, memories and finally our own uniqueness!! :)

So to me the color is: Lived in White, or worn white. The white that comes only with a well lived life:)

Pattie ;)
Maztlan Mexico

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