Monday, January 12, 2009

The Color White

I just thought I would give you an idea of what I had to go through this weekend....

Winter Whites



Paper Whites
Swiss Coffee
Jersey White
Sugar Cane
Natural Vanilla
Aged Plaster
Sugar Mountain
Attic lace
Calla Lilly
Hidden White
Brittle White
Sleeping White
Dreamy White Wings
Under Skirt
Whipped Cream
Crafted White
Centurian Cream
Grandma’s Pearl
Antique Alabaster
Winter Linen
Faded Vellum
Vintage Cream laced with Coco
Evening Gardenia

Vintage Gardenia

Polar Frost

Grandma's Wedding Gown

Once White

Valentino White

Wishbone White

Swan White

Shadows of White
Satin Marshmallow
White Cotton
Unbleached Domestic
Brocante Blanc
Brocante White
French Flea
Perfect Patina
French Vanilla
Unbleached Flour
Monk’s White
Grey Dawn
Antique Pearl
Snowflake Fallen
Cream Lustre
Memere’s White
Weathered White
Well Worn White
Antique Paper
Withering Whites
Crème Brulee
Treasured Taupe
Sugar Bisque
Antique Ecru
Oyster Linen
Dusty Dogwood
Sophisticated Alabaster
Delicate Lace
Not Quite White
Heirloom White
Dreamy White
Sweet Cream
Snow Falling on Cedars
Winter White
Tattered White
Tea White
Blush White
Rich Cream
Dreamy Antique White
Ironstone White
Barnwood White
Moonlight White
Lily of the Valley White
Hydrangea White
Magnolia White
Syringa White
White Beach
Snow Drift

Winter Flurries

White Filigree

Pristine Pales

Feather Pillow

Vintage Feathers

Plume d'hiver (Winter Feather)

Snow Feathers
Vintage Bridal White
Late Winter Sky
Linen White
Calla Lily White
Lilac White
Aged White
Cottage White
Bliss White
Timeless White
Linen and Lace
Classic Pearl
Prime White
Worn White
Rusty White
Snow Dust
Frosted Heirloom
Snowy Antiquity
Vintage Vanilla
Snowy Owl
Raw Sugar
Lily of the Valley
Tchaikovsky White

Ophelia White

Arsenic White

Chardonnay White

Chateau White 

Quill Pen White

Gossamer White
Snow White
Vanilla White
Bois d’hiver (Winterwood)
Moonsoft White
Forgotten White
Victorian White
Washed White
Modest White
Aged Alabaster
Sleeping Beauty
Grandma’s Wedding Dress
Vintage White
Orchid White
Frothed Milk
Silent White
Irish Lace
Antique Lace White
Porcelain White
Antique Porcelain
Vanilla Cream
Antique Lace
Old Lace and Cream
Linen Pearl
Sand Dollar
White Coral
Linen Closet
Vintage White Extraordinaire
Sunday White
Best White
Ancient Rime
Ice Queen
Winter Mist
White Pearl
Faded Parchment
Pale Linen
Bleached Bone
Lace White
Churned Butter
Fresh Cream
Ivory Snow
Antique Cream
Fresh Linen
Midnight Pearl
Devonshire White
White Chocolate
Night Snow
Pretty Attic White
Snow Angel
Snow Maiden
Snow Cone
First Snow
White Cream
Heirloom White
Vanilla Cream
La Vanille Bourbon
French Vanilla
Crème de la Lune
Lune de Miel
Meringue Lustre
Vanilla Essence
Antique White Wash
Vintage White Milk Paint
Celestial White
Wishbone White
Winter Ice Capades
Dragonfly White Wing
Crème Brulee
Milk Glass
Vintage White
French General White
Victorian White
Swiss Dot
Olde Whyte
Prayer White
Elegance and Love Mother’s Bracelet
Vintage Ivory Cream
Honored White
Enduring White
Seasoned White
Abalone Flesh
Ocean’s Froth
Mid-Winter’s Dandelion
Grandmother’s Linens
Warm White
Blanche Ancienne
Moonstone Dreaming
Vintage Ivory
Vintage Parchment
Widower’s Lace
Vintage Vanilla Cream
Aged White
Baiser d’Albatre (Alabaster Kiss)
Muted Ivory
Misty Memory White
Aged Ivory
Antique Bone
Creamy Pearl
Achromatic Beauty
Lily White
Latte White
Milky Snow
Sister Winter Charm
Memory Collector Charm
Frosty Pearl
Vanilla Cream
Fresh Cream
Mother of Pearl
Mermaid Pearls
Princess Pearl
Vanilla Frost
Dusted White
Forgotten Linen
Aged Linen
Ashen White
Soft White




Paper White


White Mist

Snow Dew
Antique Chalk
Rouen White
Escaliers de Montmartre (Stairs of Montmartre)

Montmarte Blanc

Esprit Blanc
Fantome (Ghost White)
Grand White
Aged White
Elegant White
Refined White
Belle Fleur
Graceful White
Celestial Cloud
Victorian Dream
Snowy, Snowy Night
Blanche Neige (Snow White)
Coquille (Shell)
Perennial Ivory
Perpetual Pearl
Lunar White
Moonshadow White
Nightshade White
Tea-Stained White
Tea-Leaf White
Vanilla Sugar
Tea Wash White
Old Lace
Ice White
Pearl White
Atmosphere White
Jersey Cream
Jersey Milk
First Day of School White
New Notebook White
The Color of Love
Timeworn White
Revival White
Feather Down White
Bleached Muslin White
Mother of Pearl White
Vanilla Ice Cream White
Buttercream Frosting White
Moon Glow
Button Box White
Stone Mountain White
Alfredo White
Confectioner’s Sugar
Waxen White
Tumbled Sea Glass



Niveous (a term for snowy white)

Polished Pearl




Pearl Troca
Vintage Snow
Classic Candescent
Heirloom Ivory
Misty White

Snow White

Winter White

Early Morning White

Aged White

Granny's White

After White
Vintage Lace
French Canvas
Wedding Veil
Snow Moon
Fleur de sel
Aunt Tilda's Macramé
Chihuahuan Desert (home of White Sands National Monument)
Saint-Benoît-du-Lac (a type of beautiful ivory-colored cheese)
Bakelite Domino
Mourning Dove
Days Gone By
Frosted Window
Improved With Age
Opaque Dreams
Clouds of Romance
Relic of Winter
Tattered Lace
Aunty Anita
Misty Moon White
Misty Morning White
Antique Linen
Porch White



Picket Fence

Bone China


White Chocolate
Pearly White
Bygone White
Dusty Miller
Aged Bisque

Faint Moonglow

Angel's Wing

Lamb's Wool

Morning Dew
White Bisque
Yesterday’s Snowfall
Chantilly Lace White
Something Old
Seashell White
Shades of White
Eternal White
Almond White
Nana’s Linens
Cherished White
Reine Blanche
Nostalgic Whites
Crème de la Crème
Almost Pearl
Of A Certain Age
Soft Glow
Winter Lily
White Chocolate
Mothers Pearl
Love Letter
Remember White
Antique Dreams White
Dainty Lace White
Classic White
Heirloom White
Erode Blanc (Weathered White)
Oublie Blanc (Forgotten White)
Moonlight Sonata
Crystal Snow
Angel Cake
Queen Anne’s Lace
White Mocha
Satin Ivory
Lovely Bone
Carte Blanche
Victorian Lady

Victorian Silk


Crinoline White

Tea Cup White

Victorian Tea

Edwardian White


Shabby Elegance
Marshmallow White
Grandmere’s White
Feather Down White
Attic Treasure White
Silky White
Elegant White
Frosted Mirror White
Vintage Moonlight
Toasted Almond
Angel’s Breath White
Picket Fence


White Lilacs

White Rose

White Wash White
Warm Milk

Sugar Cube

Snow White Dove

Star Dust

Fairy Blossoms

Paper Whites
Yesteryear’s White
White of Long Ago
Winter Wonderland
Beachy Sand White
Chantilly Cream
Sweet Meringue
Satincream White
Oyster White
Antique Linen White
Crème Fraiche
Pear Sorbet
Winter's Snow

White Sugar

Blushing Bride White
Cherished Pearl
Beloved Pearl
Hidden in the Drawer Pearl
Pearl Memoirs
Forgotten Pearl
Tatted White
Vanilla White
Wool White
Yesterday’s White
Aged Page
Innocent White
Bridal’s Breath
Bridal’s Veil
Moonlit White
Creamy Filling

That's right - hundreds of ideas and names for that old, dusty white...I had no idea there were so many ways of describing a color - Pantone are you out there!? It's almost impossible for me to choose just a couple - so I have asked some creative types to help me out with this...and although it was tough, these are the names that kept coming up: Brocante Blanc, Waxen White and Winter Linen. Thank you everyone for submitting such creative stories and colors - I see a whole book filled with antique color descriptions!  If the lucky winners e-mail me their information, we will put a jewelry kit in the post asap!  Merci!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kaari!
I emailed you at the store, hope that's ok! I'm so excited you liked my suggestion of Waxen White. What a great outpouring of ideas! No matter what it's called, the bracelet is beautiful! Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi Kaari,

I will follw suit and send you my information. I am glad that you liked brocante blanc!

tam said...

All I can say is WoW! And...have a terrific Tuesday!~Tam!:D

Wenchequilts said...

That is an impressive list, and very inspirational too! Thanks for posting this. Hugs from Norway :-)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Kaari,

I want to let you and everyone else know how much I enjoyed the ribbon you sent for your last give-away.

The choices you sent for the ivory and black palate were gorgeous and the packaging was so lovely!

Thank you so much for choosing my "ribbon memory" for honorable mention and for your generosity.

Much joy and prosperity to you in The New Year...Sally Anne

FrenchGardenHouse said...

This is not unlike the list of paint colors my BF made me look at and consider for her living room!

I love the name Winter Linen.

Geralyn Gray said...

That's amazing...My daughter is applying to of the professors was looking at her portfolio and asked how many colors are in white....she answered......oh too many to count....good answer he said. After looking at this list I never thought of how many whites there really are.

molly said...

this is AWESOME, kar! why didn't i get a say on this one?!

Angela said...

With all these infinite ways to describe the diversity of whites in nature and not-so-natural do I hear or smell a series of art works or crafts coming out of this list? The words inspire so many different images, don't they? Thanks!

Judi said...

This is hysterical! I just kept scrolling and scrolling and's like all the names Eskimos have for snow. What fun.

Kari said...

Love this! Wow, that's a lot of names for white. I'm doing A Year of Color blog focusing on a different color theme each month. This is perfect for January. Love it!

gypsycowgirl said...

That is the most beautiful poem I have ever read!