Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Behind the Curtain

I have never been a "neat desk" person. I have many friends who are - and I am really jealous of their ability to put everything in the right place all the time. Every once in a while, Molly will come to FG and "organize" me. I like all her "systems" but I can't seem to make them work for very long - I think it's a case of Lazy Itus.
Tomorrow Victoria Magazine is coming in to shoot the shop. I spent some time today setting up a couple vignettes and then I took a look behind the curtain, into my office. This was what I was confronted with. I realized there was little hope....with less than 24 hours to go.
I am a collector - and not a very discriminating one...just a collector. There are piles of catalogs, magazines and old photographs. The walls are littered with drawings, photos of Sofia and thank you cards. My desk is more like an inspiration board - but the inspiration is so layered that it is almost hidden! Something drastic has to happen - I need to clear out the space - make room for new ideas. But I'll worry about that next week.
Tomorrow I'll have to pull the curtain and hope no one peeks behind it.


somepinkflowers said...

your posting yesterday
was inspirational
and seemed heartfelt.
telling the story of how you became you
by putting your mark on everything,
your style placed on everything
as you grew....


to put our own stamp on everything,
to be our own true self,
sometimes seems daunting
but is liberating
at the same time.

and with this posting today,
this is YOU,
your place to create,
marked again with who you are...

a busy successful woman
with lots to do,
lots to think about.

if your studio had been too tidy,
i might have found that highly suspect.

so nice
to see that you are like the rest of us...
minds creatively zooming
on to the next thing,

Anonymous said...

Creativity breeds messy... works for me...Louise

The Joy of Nesting said...


Cue music Scarlet is standing at the bottom of the stairs Rhett walks in " "Fiddle de de Rhett Butler I'll think about it in the morning" (((HG))) I'm with you on the life of organized chaos!!

Actually I just tell people that I need plenty of visual noise as inspiration to create. Try it you might just find you started a new trend :) The Victoria crew will all go home and create their own "visual noise" cuz if it can do that for Kaari what can it do for me?? :)

Have a great shoot tomorrow and when you have time let us know how it went.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Rose Brier Studio said...

Your office looks so familiar! You know what they say, "a neat desk is the sign of a disturbed mind." Tho I suspect that phrase was coined by someone like me who can't keep her desk or studio neat.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

What...??? There is something amiss in your office??? Seems just fine to me! Judy

Anonymous said...

My Moda rep was just here and showed me your new accessory line. I gave him the run down about you and your shop. I can't wait to see your new fabric line. I guess I'll just have to be happy with the French General pincushion in the mean time.

Beth E-R said...

Thanks for sharing your real office. Even after a creative space is tidied, we're only one fun idea away from it going to heck again!

Beth Evans-Ramos

Anonymous said...

I think it would be outstanding, to 'show you as you are'. Isn't that, what really truly is?
A collector's garden is never perfect, but the view is what most often tingles the sense's.
Why should our workplace be any different from the charm of a basement?
Keeping order is a never ending task, yet there is comfort in being surrounded by all the things we love. OX, Hol

tam said...

Well how cool is that having Victoria come to your place for a shoot?!?!? Wow do tell! I hope it all went well for you and that there was no peeking behind the curtain! ~Smiles~Tam!

Anonymous said...

Kaari....It's a gene you've inherited...you know how many collections I have...and the magazines I've saved for years...and the articles I've cut out...HELP! I love being in your office... and the rest of French General, surrounded by all the great "stuff" you've collected. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kaari for being such a warm and friendly hostess Friday as I poked about your charming shop! I did post about it on my blog if you would like to read about my morning with you. I hope to see you in France in July! Merci

molly said...

word to your mother.
and link to your sista.

designgirl said...

So happy to find this blog -- especially by a "kindred spirit" -- my studio looks like this as well.....inspirational chaos! I love table skirts.....it creates an illusion of order :)

And I love Victoria....look forward to the article!

Tammy Burks said...

How weird that I stumbled across your blog today. I was looking at "where women create" website and wondered to myself....."I wonder if they stage the spaces" and then do the shoots.
Your picture makes me feel good about my messy workspace as well....I could have a super-large room and I would still manage to fill it up :)

Charlene said...

Welcom to my world! I have been working on my desk & files! YIKES how does this happen to nice girls? :) Good luck on the photo shoot. Can't wait to see the magazine. Have a great day & don't worry about the mess... Tomorrow's another day Scarlett.

Kari said...

Love your honesty and humility. Great advice too. Can't wait to see the photo shoot. I'll bet it was fun:)

Jocelyn / Cormorant Studios said...

Beautiful blog! Thanks for posting the picture of your studio.. I'm always interested in seeing other artists' or crafters' little creative places... and mine looks much like yours! I usually feel embarassed when people come over and see it... Luckily, everyone just tells me it looks creative and interesting and I have so many neat odds and ends to play with. Love them for saying that! And I will hereby no longer feel embarassed about my mess!