Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Creative Connection and the Torse Bead

This past week I was in Minneapolis for the Creative Connection Event - organized by Jo Packham, Nancy Soriano and a handful of other talented people - Amy Butler was a keynote speaker as well as MaryJane Butters and Ree Drummond. There were hundreds of women from all over the United States that came to craft, shop, eat and learn about the creative side of business. I taught a couple of different classes - including a three-strand necklace workshop where I introduced my new favorite bead...the torse bead. Used as military adornment beads on epaulets during the French Revolution, torse, which means twist in French, are small 2mm gold plated beads with a nice size hole for beading. Marcia, of Tinsel Trading, laughed every time she was in the room and I introduced the petite bead to my class - I think she figured the beads were made in India last month - and I am getting all excited over nothing. But these little beads are a big deal - having survived the last 200 years - they are the perfect accent bead for vintage-inspired jewelry. I felt the same way about the Creative Connection - after spending the last twenty years working in a creative industry, like jewelry making, it is exciting to be a part of a community that is now celebrating the business of craft.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaari,

Wow....I'm so happy that I now know the history of these little beads. Especially since I have a little vial of them tucked away in a special place in my supplies. I'm inspired to watch Les Miserables while using them.


Anonymous said...

The jewelry making class was fabulous. I love my new necklace.


Red Shed French Antiques and Travel said...

It was so wonderful to meet you and visit for a short while at the Creative Connection. I'm sure our paths will cross again either here, or in Provence! And thanks to meeting both you and Lissa of Moda, we are now carrying French General in our shop.
Best always...stay in touch,
Valarie & Michele
The Red Shed

nonnie said...

Thank you for coming to Minnesota and teaching again - the little Torse beads look fabulou s on my necklace...I am delighted to have finished my necklace...and gotten an A+ in class...I ran into Michelle from Rose Mille in the handmade market and she had heard about our fun class - and that I had passed - LOL - I love sharing the story of the beads with all my history fanatic friends. Looking forward to another class with you someday!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the 'business of craft', but we all, I believe, thank-you for your business of 'The Hunt'!
Nothing like a 'dig', for forgotten treasure!
Super Back Cover of French General fabric's in the latest 'Cloth Paper Scissors, Fall Studios'! Thank-you Moda fabrics! Thank-you Kaari! OX, Hol

Chris McGetrick said...

Hi Kaari,
Do you sell the torse bead at French General??

Anonymous said...


The torse beads are sold on the website.