Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KC Willis Workshop

Driving across the country eight years ago, from New York City to Los Angeles, we stopped in Santa Fe for a few days. It was late Spring and there was snow on the ground. Besides visiting the Tesuque Flea Market - I dragged Sofia and JZ in and out of all of the American craft galleries I could find. In one gallery I saw a piece of stitched work that really resonated with me. It was a pictoral collage about an early cowgirl and the road she walked (or rode). Maybe it was the old ticking or the old burlap used in the piece, maybe it was the hand-stitched lettering and parchment paper - whatever it was, I was immediately envious of the artist and knew she spent hours creating small stitched stories. KC Willis - she burned a whole in me.
Enter Facebook and friends of friends of a friend of a friend and I see one of her stitched pieces on my page - and I thought "I could be friends with her!" Eventually, I wrote to KC Willis and asked her is she would ever consider teaching a class at French General. Low and behold, she wrote back and said she would love to! She's on her way out West this month!
KC created a hand-stitched book workshop that we are honored to present on Saturday, October 29th from 10-4. If you know KC's work or would just like to come and experience her method, please join us! Feel free to bring any personal photos, paper or notions that you would like to incorporate into the project - but of course, we have plenty of materials to work with should you want to arrive on your horse!
For more information about KC Willis and to sign up for the workshop, Le Book Class Extraodinaire, visit her site. If you scroll down a couple of feet, you will see all the details of the workshop. Seating is limited.


Mary T. Pratt Salmon said...

Oh my goodness! I am so drawn to KC's creations. I so wish I could take a workshop from her. She has certainly given me inspiration. Thanks so much for posting these items.

Anonymous said...

I also love KC WIllis and have been moved by her work for a couple of years now! I am going to move mountains to try to get to Los Angeles for this event.

Mesa, AZ

Robin Thomas said...

We had the wonderful pleasure of having KC here in Oklahoma recently and what an absolute delight her classes are. She generous with technique and materials and funny! That's the lottery!


Suzanne said...

She has amazing creations!