Monday, October 10, 2011

Small Details, part quatre

Just returned from almost a week in New York City - and feel so inspired! The weather was perfect and I spent my days looking at old textiles, visiting friends, digging for notions and wandering through the MOMA. If you happen to find yourself in NYC between now and November 7th, run (don't walk) to the Willem de Kooning Retrospective on the 6th floor of the Museum of Modern Art. This is the first major exhibit devoted to the full scope of his work - and the amount of his work will amaze you. I think he must of gone in to his studio everyday and just painted until he was exhausted - such a prolific artist.
As I wandered downstairs, I was struck by the modern masters and how many were speaking to me...Rauchenberg's bed with his own quilt, Mondrian's quilt like patterns, Leger's hat, Torre's-Garcia's grid like pattern of familiar objects, Schwitters collage, and Burri's burlap and thread on canvas. I had never looked at these pieces through a crafter's eye before and all of a sudden I saw a whole new way of separate but similar concepts coming through. And then I saw Cornell's work...but that's for another day.

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