Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Here's a short film we made - enjoy!


molly said...

as i've said before, half the joy is getting there...with you guys.
where to next?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kaari and to all at French General,

I felt as if I was beside you all, on your "Sunday Afternoon" adventure. Each moment, as I was tagging along, touched my soul with feelings of deep connection just knowing others enjoy the same kinds of things in life as I.

Happy Days,
Karla Smith

Christina said...

LOVE this! Wish I was there but it was so awesome to peek in on one of your famous Meng adventures. More please!

Kathy said...

Wonderful!!! (Jon-your talents never cease to amaze me either). I love that you are all so talented together, and love your sister's enthusiasm/support. Special thing. And your daughter is just so lovely.

Thanks for the respite... (do more!!!)
Kathy D.

Anonymous said...

Love the place. so peaceful and so fun, perfect for family time!!!!


Unknown said...

hi kaari,

i love french general!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love mickey

Anonymous said...

best Sunday afternoon ever.