Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And the Winner is.....

I am always getting myself into situations and then thinking - why did I do that? Perfect example - this month's giveaway. What was I thinking asking people to name their favorite club, think back to their childhood and tell us all about their club memories? There were so many great ones, it's been really hard to chose just one! Here are just some of my favorites...

Britvit Club
Peter Pan Club
Science Fiction Club
Creative Spirit Club
Teen Scene Club
4H Club
Symphony Club
Mom Club
American Sewing Guild
The New New York Craft Club
Paula's Kit Club
Doll Club
La Francophonie Club
Vintage Tablecloth Club
Stitching Club
Future Homemakers of America Club
Neighbor Club
Kit of the Month Club
Hookers Club
Yarn Club
Book of the Month Club
Collage Club
Scrapanos Club
Hysterectomy Club

But my favorite - if I had to chose one....was The Custom Couturieres Club - here's what Lola wrote:

"My favourite club is one I just started. I am a high school teacher at an all-girls' private school and I just started a sewing club. In recent years, sewing and all thing domestic have been frowned upon by the school's administration, but there is real hunger among the students to learn how to MAKE things, clothing in particular.

So, we are up and running. I have been overwhelmed by the response, both from the students and from fellow staff members, even men, who are keen to donate supplies, expertise and time and keep telling me how great they think it is that I am helping the girls to learn important skills.

We have started by learning to make our own skirt patterns and will be making the skirts, starting this week. The girls are so pleased with themselves and quite surprised that they are able to DO things like make a pattern and then make a skirt."

Thanks to all who filled me in on how you pass the time in a creative way!  Lola please send me your address and I'll send off the last April Un, Deux, Trois Kit to you!


Anonymous said...

I was overwhelmed at the variety of "clubs"...amazing. Congratulations to Lola..I really felt a connection to yours as I attended a private girls high school and it was there that I developed my love of the needle and thread. Well I have to confess a bit of it also came to me from my maternal grandmother. In our first year of sewing our project was also a skirt with no pattern. I loved my sewing class. We had a fashion show at the end of each school year modeling our outfits.

Lorrie said...

What a great idea for a club! A couture club - so much fun!

Congratulations to Lola!


Lola said...

Wow! Thanks for choosing me! I am SOOO excited! And so will my Custom Couturieres be, when I tell them!

(And thanks to the kind commenters here!)

How do I get in touch with you, Kaari? My email is, if you'd like to get in touch with me there, I can send you my address that way.

Thanks again-- you have made my day! I can't wait to make my Un, Deux, Trois set-- they are so sweet and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How refreshing! in this age of diminishing domesticity. Kudos to Lola for starting the Custom Couturieres Club! I would have joined in a nano second given the chance as a young girl. I have been a part of a group of women that teaches young women how to put together a meal, set a pretty table, offer hospitality, and be 'keepers at home'. We wondered if anyone would be interested, and were overwhelmed at the number of high school and college students, as well as young wives and mothers that wanted to learn these things. Lola, I wish you great success.

somepinkflowers said...

what the Perfect Winner!


Custom Couturieres!
i love it!

{{ i wonder,
am i too old
to join }}

Floss said...

I was struck by Lola's comment too - I really enjoyed reading all the comments that people left!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hooray for Lola! Well deserved....

Rose Brier Studio said...

What a great choice! Congratulations, Lola. I learned to sew in HS and so did my daughter and it is a skill and talent we both appreciate so much. Wonderful of you to bring that club to your students.

VitagraphFilms said...

Lola - Your students might like the film VALENTINO THE LAST EMPEROR a doc about the Italian fashion designer Valentino that should be coming out in Canada soon and is already out in the US. The film goes behind the scenes to show the Valentino seamstresses sewing all the couture by hand! I was amazed how it was actually done. He says they had a sewing machine once at his studio but got rid of it because no used it!