Thursday, April 02, 2009

Finish Line

It feels so good to actually see the finish line on the horizon - to know that a project is almost finished and to think about all that extra time that may be coming my way. In reality - as soon as we finish one project another has already begun. I received the final Moda fabric prints this week - worked - I think! The reds are old, the pinks are soft and the naturals are calm. At one point when I was looking at the fabric samples, I thought I was looking at old fabric - old fabric that I really wanted! The next step is the International Quilt Market in May, where the line will be presented to craft and quilt shops from all over the world. Pittsburgh here I come!
We're also just days away from finishing our book about Tinsel Trading's basement - Small Beauties (the working title) has turned out to be a precious little book filled with old materials and small, beautiful crafts - chenille birds, button jewelry, entomology boxes and embellished goose eggs. An eclectic mix of everything Molly and I found in the basement those few sweltering days in New York City last summer.
I keep telling people I am going to retire after these projects are finished - maybe what I really need is week of sitting in the hot springs in the desert!


Tracy said...

Can't wait to see the new projects & maybe even stitch some with the fabrics as I am sure they will be delightful...congrats on the perseverence!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Looking forward to the book on Tinsel Trading....a favorite place!